colloidal silver

Very Important Facts About Colloidal Silver

The term colloids of silver was first used in the 1990s as a description of small particles of silver that has a content of over 50 percent of the mixture. With time however, there are many companies that label their products as colloidal silver without undergoing the detailed lab process of production. As a result, there are many products on the shelves that are sold as colloids of silver but they are not the actual substance.

Before getting to purchase the product, it is important to know if it is genuine or not. There are several ways to tell if a product has true colloids or not. In the first place, the solution is never clear in color and thus if the one in question has a clear color, you should consider other options. The real solution should have an amber color in light because of the fact that the particles absorb rays of light at different wavelengths to other liquids. The product has a higher concentration if the amber color is darker.

There are manufacturers who label the product as mild silver proteins or just silver proteins. You should be wary of these as they are not genuine products. They are different from genuine colloids of silver because of the size of their particles. Most of the other ways to tell if a product is genuine involve laboratory tests that are not only costly but also time consuming. The solution should only contain silver and water.

If there are any other ingredients, notably stabilizers, then the product should not be purchased before prior research on the added element. If the seller suggests that you refrigerate the product, this would suggest that there is another product within it. The genuine product does not need to be refrigerated and is always protected from freezing.

The solution is supposed to be packaged in cobalt or amber glass and is supposed to be stored in a cool, dry place. You should check the instructions on the packaging. If they say you should shake well prior to use, do not purchase the product. This is because this product should never be stirred or shaken before being used. The size of particles is important. More often than not, smaller particles are preferred.

The concentration of the silver is listed in parts per million. The measurement will usually refer to the weight, specifically the weight of a single silver particle to one million parts of water. If the particles are big, there will be a smaller surface area than if they are smaller particles. Depending on the needs of the individual, the concentration is an essential consideration.

There are people who opt for home production of the solution as opposed to purchasing it. As a matter of fact, it will enable you to control the quality by producing it to your expectations. You will need to purchase a generator for the production. Most of the generators are time saving because they run without requiring any attention.

When it comes to home production, you must use distilled water. Tap water must never be used because it has many chemicals that have a negative effect on quality of the product. You may be required to test various types of distilled water before settling for the best.

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