Mrs. Roberts' First Grade News

Januray 4 - January 8th


I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! I look forward to the new year and all the fun learning the second half of the school year. It's hard to believe that they are getting closer to second grade! We will now start picking up the pace as they are maturing and learning so fast. They are truly a sponge with all the knowledge they are starting to fully grasp and soak up!

I am excited to start focusing more on nonfiction texts! They enjoy nonfiction because of the interesting topics, plus as the mature, they are getting a little tired of the "bunny" books and "baby stories" as they call them. They still love quality fiction stories, but the nonfiction helps build excitement about topics that interest them and are often more engaging to read.

Please send a small rock (one that they can carry to and from school independently) to school with your child by Wednesday. This can be any rock found outside or in the yard.

We desperately need to restock our supplies. If you are able, please send your child to school with a bottle of white school glue, Crayola Crayons, and Washable Markers. I personally wipe down and disinfect our room everyday and I am running low on Lysol/Clorox Wipes. I don't like getting sick and I try my best to keep your kiddos as healthy as possible too!

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Tornado Math

Guided Reading Readers

Sight Words

Math Facts


  • floss rule ex: grass/ full
  • adjectives

  • Nonfiction Text Features
  • Procedural Texts
  • Nonfiction Writing

Sight Words

Fry Sight Words- Student's Individual Word Goals


Literature:Recycle Books


Spelling pattern

Floss Rule:

*When /f/ /l/ /s/ or /z/ is heard after a short vowel at the end of a one-syllable word, it is spelled with a double ff, ll, ss, or zz

Spelling: stiff, small, cuff, grass, still, tall, tell, will, miss, well, sniff, class

Dictation Sentences:

1. Why is the grass still wet?

2.Where is the small cuff?

3.Who will tell the class?


Math Fact Families
Introduction to Money


Rocks and Soil - Final Week

Key Concepts

  • Different types of rocks and soil differ in their observable properties.

  • Soil can be sorted based on particle size, texture, and color.

  • We can see examples in daily life of how we use products made from rocks, soil, and water.

Fundamental Questions

  • What physical properties can we use to describe, compare, and sort soil?

  • What evidence can we gather that tells us how rocks, soil, and water are useful to us?

Social Studies

  • Inventors and Inventions
  • Timelines

Upcoming Dates


4 K-5 MOY STAR Math window January 4-15

5 Class Math Assessment

6 ART Day

8 Hat Day

13 Spelling Bee

18 No School

22 Spirit Day/ Longhorn Celebrations

22 Reading Blackout Party

28 Battle of the Books

29 ART Day

29 Fifth Graders to NRM


PE Shoes! Please send your child to school in tennis shoes for PE. They will be unable to participate without the proper shoes. Our PE days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library Books: Please make sure your child brings their library book to exchange for a new book every MONDAY. If they do not return their book they will not be able to check out a new book. (Our day to return books has changed)

Reader Bags: PLEASE make sure your child's reading bag is sent to school EVERY day. I meet with each group daily and will not be able to send a new book home if the last book is not returned. Also, please know that each book is part of a set so please help your child keep up with their guided reading books. Thank you!!!

Snacks: We have snack everyday. Please send your child to school with a snack. I have a few backup snacks for those that don't bring snack, but my supplies are limited. Thank you!

Headphones/ Ear Buds: Please send to school with your child's name or initials on them.

Volunteers: Volunteer applications must be renewed every year. Please visit to complete this process.

Connect to NRE through Remind101. Text 5874e2 to the number 81010

Support the PTA and become a member! If you need PTA membership forms, please let me know.

Classroom Communication

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