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September's M Powerment Strategy-M1 Collaborative Culture of Caring

Teachers collaborate to create a culture of caring where every child every day feels valued and nurtured.

Here's what it looks like at South!

-morning greeting as students arrive

-positive behavior reinforcement through our STAR reward system

-morning meetings

-positive parent contact via phone, email, dojo

-classroom newsletters

-modeling a family/supportive environment

Click here for more information about our M-Powerment Strategies.

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Top Ten Tool Focus: Blackboard Learn and Google Apps for Education

How can Blackboard Learn and Google Apps for Education help foster a collaborative culture of caring?

Blackboard Learn is our learning management system (LMS) that allows students and parents to access grades, assignments, homework, links, lesson plans and other content. It is a one stop shop for parents and students to gain insight on what is going on in the classroom. Learn is available for all grades K-12 and its a great way to keep all of those fantastic links, lessons, and documents in one place for your students to access. If you would like to learn more about how you can use BB Learn in your classroom click here to sign up for a time to meet with Lauren!

Your Google Account can change the way you collaborate with your team, other staff members, and your students. You're Google drive allows you to share docs, spreadsheets, slideshows, pictures and so much more. 2nd and 3rd grade students also have Google accounts and can collaborate with teachers as well as each other. If you are interested in making the switch from pages to Google Docs, Keynote to Google Slides, and Numbers to Google Sheets sign up for a time to meet with Lauren. Or if you would like more information on your Google account and what it has to offer sign up here!

Other Digital Tools-

Smore can be used as an digital newsletter for parents or directions for your weekly centers.

ClassDojo allows parents gauge how their child is doing in class in real time and can send notifications quickly.

Remind is an efficient way to send out quick reminders or notifications to parents. It is very easy to set up, and Remind uses an anonymous number to send these text messages.

Please let me know if you are interested in trying out one or more of these fantastic tools. Sign up for a time here!

News From The Media Center

Have you experienced Lightbox interactive eBooks. If not, take a look. I’m sure both you and your students will love it. These titles are available to you through Destiny, our media center catalog. All Lightbox titles have unlimited, simultaneous access. All of you can use the titles at the same time. You can access Destiny through South’s resource page.

There are many other eBooks available to you and students as well. Many of them have unlimited, simultaneous access. Just look for the infinity symbol in the top right corner of the book. Students can use Destiny away from school (with an internet connection). Login to Destiny today!

Did you know there was a Destiny Chrome Extension? If you download this extension, and search Google, resources in our library appear in the search!

*Would you or your grade level like to tour Destiny? If so, complete this form to let me know. We’ll set up a time to meet.

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South has got it going on and I am here to support you in anyway. Here are just a few ways we can work together to make this year your best! Click here to access my sign out calendar. #team #teamawesome

  • Blackboard Learn / Gradebook
  • Co-planning / Lesson Brainstorming
  • Co-teach Class / Model Lesson
  • Tech Tools / Integration
  • Anything/Everything Google
  • iPads
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Curriculum Resources / Planning / Implementation
  • Professional Development / Learning Resources
  • 1:1 Beginning Teacher/New Teacher Coaching Session
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