◊ Cobalt ◊

A hero from the beginning

By Morgan A.

Cobalt (Co) the Element

Cobalt has an atomic number of 27, it has 27 protons and electrons, 32 neutrons and a mass of 58.9332. Its characteristics are...

  • Blueish-white
  • Lustrous
  • Hard and brittle. metal
  • Slightly toxic by skin contact and moderately toxic by ingestion
  • stays magnetic to the highest temperature of all magnetic elements.
Georg Brandt discovered this element at 1735 in Sweden. Its name came from the German word "kobald" meaning goblin or evil spirit.

Important uses of Cobalt:

  • Used for aircraft engine parts and in alloys with corrosion/wear resistant uses.
  • Used in the treatment for cancer
  • Widely used in batteries
  • Used in samarium-cobalt permanent magnets.

Cobalt the Superhero

He's smart, he's fast, he's the best healer in town......He's.................................................... COOOOOBBBBBBAAALLLLLTTTT!!!!!!!!!! From the moment he was born, people knew he was special. When he fell his scraped knees would heal faster than any doctor had seen. Now, at 23 years old, he can heal anyone, anything, any injury, and cure any sickness but he can do more than just heal. As he grows older he discovers some of his other abilities. Cobalt loves the water, so you can imagine how delighted he was when he woke up one morning submerged in water and found he was still alive. That same day a villain came and threatened to take over, but when Cobalt told him no and put up a hand to stop him, blue rays came out of his hands and dissolved the villain. That was a nice new power that would come in handy, but still thats not all. He can control toxic liquids and spew them at his enemies, turn into a goblin, can camouflage into the sky, water or anything blue, has magnetic powers and he can fly and run very fast. These are all of his known powers he has at this age but as he continues to grow and fight crime, who knows, maybe more of his powers will uncover themselves!