Weekly Pre-Shift Notes

March 18th

Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you for your hard work and picking up extra shifts while as we get busier and hire more staff! Tara is now doing the schedule, so if you can pick up extra shifts or there is a time you might be able to work outside your normal availability please let her know.

Uniforms & Appearance Reminder

It is very important that we all look clean, neat and professional. Our appearance makes a big impression on our guests! We have posted a reminder in the wait station regarding uniform and appearance policies. Here are a couple of things we have noticed recently that we are missing on:

  • Non-slip shoes - Solid black non-slip shoes are important not just for appearance, but for your safety! There are many affordable options, they must be purchased by Monday March 28th. After that date if you do not have the proper uniform we will have to take disciplinary action.
  • Earrings - Only two post-type or small hoop earrings per ear permitted
  • Nose Rings - one small nose stud permitted, NO HOOPS!
  • Facial Hair must be trimmed and neat at all times

Please let a manager know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies.

Patio Guidelines

Updated patio guidelines including set up, break down and sidework are now posted in the wait station. Please read and follow these daily. Let your manager know if you have any questions.

Daily Cleaning Duties

Please make sure that you are being proactive and following through with daily cleaning duties for servers, hosts and bar tenders. If you have a question about the cleaning schedule just ask your manager.
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