The Secret Garden

Smore by: Zeta Lankford

Plot Summary

Mary Lennox is a 10 year old girl who had no friends. Nobody liked her not even her parents. they always left her with servants because she was to hideous and tiring to look after. Disaster struck when the whole Lennox household, excluding Mary, died of cholera. She wasn't very sad though knowing they never cared for her. She lived with a clergyman and his family for a short time after a group of soldiers found her. She was sent to Yorkshire to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven. Shortly after she got there she heard about a garden from Martha Sowerby, her Yorkshire servant. The garden belonged to late Mrs. Craven. After her death Archibald locked the garden and buried the key. Mary becomes very curious. With her new fascination with the garden she becomes nicer and less of a scrooge. With the help of a robin she finds the key to the secret garden and immediately gets to work on it. She takes care of all of the plants so the garden will be beautiful again. When she meets Collin the two keep the garden a secret. When Archibald finds out about the garden he is skeptical at firsts but decides to keep it open.

Character Analysis

Mary Lennox is a 10 year old girl who has no friends. Nobody likes hert not even her parents. When her parents die of cholera she is sent to live with her uncle in Yorkshire.Colin is a 10 year old boy who is Marys cousin. His mother died shortly after his birth. His father cannot even look at him because he reminds him so much of his late wife. Colin has been bedridden since birth and is expected to grow a hunchback and die an early death.Archibald Craven is Marys uncle and Collins father. He is a depressed man because his late wife died who he loved truly. his late wife had a garden but he locked it up and buried the key out of sheer depression.

Why I LIked It & Why You Should Read It

i liked this book because it was cool and adventurous with a some soft moments. You should read it because the title may not be that luring, but it is a fantastic read. Once you begin you wont want to put it down until the end. i will admit I am not the biggest fan of reading, but this book made me think otherwise.

Author Biography

Frances Hodgson Burnett was born on November 24, 1849 in Manchester, England. She had 5 other siblings. After her fathers death her mother moved them to America. They stayed near Knoxville, Tennessee in 1865. To help her mother financially she put her creativity to the test and began to write stories. Stories such as "Miss Caruthers Engagement", and Hearts and Diamonds” appeared in Godey’s Lady’s Book in 1868. After her mothers death she had to support her five siblings. She began to receive a regular income for her writing. In September of 1873 she married doctor Swan Burnett. They had two sons named Lionel and Vivian.In 1879 she had the first stories published in St. Nicholas Magazine. In 1898 she lived in a country home in England that inspire her to write "The Secret Garden" On October 29 she died in Plandom. She was buried in the Roslyn Cemetery in New York State.