3 experts in Education

Ebony Mcgee

Ebony Mcgee is an assistant professor of diversity and urban schooling. She focuses on a type of schooling called STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) while influencing students to achieve their educational goals. She works with African American students to help with resiliency, mental health, and wellness mostly focusing on mathematics

Dale Ballou

Dale Ballou is an associate professor of leadership, policy and organizations and director of the Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation and Development (TNCRED) at Peabody. He looks at the role of regulations and incentives in the training and recruitment of effective teachers. Also, he examines the assessment of school and teacher effectiveness and the use of assessments in systems and awards.

Camilla Benbow

Camilla Benbow is a nationally recognized expert on gifted children. She is in the fifth decade of a 50 year study of 5,000 gifted students that tracks their development and the impact of educational interventions over their lifespan. She has also led Vanderbilt's Peabody college since 1998.