Genetically Modified Humans

By: Tiffany Tsilker

What are Genetically Modified Humans?

Scientists are altering the genetic makeup of humans to fix genes that carry diseases and enhance our skills. They modify these humans through either germline modification or somatic modification. They take the genes from two mothers and one father, or modify one specific genome in the person. This will create a stronger, smarter child that will be immune to genetic diseases passed on through their genes. There are already humans being tested on smaller scale experiments.
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What is the Problem?

Scientists are starting to research ways that we can genetically modify humans. They are altering the germline of future children by using the genes of two mothers and one father. This can alter future reproduction and cause genetic problems if done incorrectly. Research is currently being conducted on small mammals and plants where they can be discarded if the experiment goes wrong, however, this is not the case when it is tested on humans subjects.

Why is this a Problem?

This is a problem because we are trying to force evolution onto future children. Not only is this unnatural, and there are other things we could be researching in, this will also not get us ahead. Despite the chance of genetic problems, once it starts working, and there are more enhanced humans, it will become available to everyone. The newly enhanced person will become normal once it becomes available to everyone.

What is my Solution?

My solution is to stop the funding for the research of genetically modified humans. If there is no funding then there will not be any research or experiments conducted on this subject. It is dangerous to use humans as test subjects, especially since the only law that protects them is the guidelines regarding the protection of human test subjects. This is also unnecessary research since we don't need these enhanced future humans.

How will my Solution Solve the Problem?

This solution will solve the problem because without funding then there is no money for research. Without money they can't research or conduct experiments, which would put a stop the the modification of humans.

How will my solution be enacted?

My solution will be enacted by having a global meeting with all the Cabinet Ministers of Science and Technology and pitch the costs of continuing this research so they will agree to stop the funding for this in their countries. Once they get back to their country, there won't be funding for genetically modified humans in the science budget so they will be unable to continue the research.

What Complications Will Arise?

There is a lot of complication, especially since this is a global problem. The biggest issue is that all countries will not agree with me, especially since there are different laws in every country. It will also be difficult to organize a meeting where everyone will be there. If in the chance that they do agree and go back to their country, they will have to rearrange a new budget to exclude the research. This whole process would not be done overnight, and would take years before human modification would be stopped.