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Week 34 - That State Test Thing Week (I kinda go off below on your awesomeness)

Why doesn't he emphasize STAAR more?

Well, folks, good teaching and good teachers make good test scores. So, for me, my focus is on you and your skills and, honestly, you don't meet my expectations.

YOU EXCEED THEM. We have a campus of leaders, a campus of people with huge professional capacities, a campus of AMAZING educators ELE-5 with nothing less than exceptional services from SPED, SPROG , and Specials to amplify it all. When you have that - you have everything - the STAAR is a culmination of instructional awesomeness delivered by a vibrant, innovative, dedicated, hard working, family sacrificing individuals that I simply call - YOU. (mic dropped)

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  • Thursday, May 12th - International Nurses Day - Get u a selfie with Audra! :)

And I thank you all for what you do...really...#ReaganRays has a reputation for greatness...this year alone - I've had 15-20 folks fleeing private school and charters to come are known for what you do - you don't even realize how amazing you are...

World Without Teachers the part when he says 'she made me realize I wasn't the kid the other teachers were saying..." I still remember my moment of that in the 7th grade 30 years ago. What you do is POWERFUL - use your words, deeds, and teaching wisely... :)

33rd Week In Review...

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Winter's Bone

Jennifer Lawrence at her best - amazing suspense thriller that most people missed! Winner of many awards!!