the moon and tides

Justin Berry Austin Briscoe Gabriel Kaegea

This is our project

First question


Tides are controlled by the moons gravitational pull on the earth. There are two main tides high tide and low tide. There are tides that occur every moon phase.Like neap tides the lowest low tide. Spring tide the highest high tide. High and low tide occur twice every day or around every six hours.

Moon Phases

There are maney moon phases the new moon,quater moon,half moon,first quater moon,full moon,last quater moon,a moon phase goes up then the shadow will be on the other side.

The Moon And Tides

They relate to each other by gravity because the moons gravity pulling earths water creates a high and low tide.

The moons pattern

You may ask why the moon has patterns ? It is in an orbit with  the earth its like a small pattern but every year the moon slips an inch back the pattern will the soon end.

Without our moon

If we did not have our moon there would be no high tides there would be no neap  or spring tide (neap tides and spring tides in paragraph 1) we would have a forever lasting low tide.