Stop stepping on ants!!

You as an ant.

Lots of people step on ants. Don't you think they are very scared of us and frighted. Then bits you because they are defending themselves. Think about it.... pretend you are an small ant and your mom or dad about to smash you with a shoe. Just really think about you very tiny and you are looking up at a huge and big giant. Wouldn't you be scared?

Ants also help us

Ants help us by their hunger for leaves. Even tho you don't notice but if we didn't have ants most of your garden would be filled with lots of leaves and it would probably look so junky. So really dig deep. Isnt it true..... that they help us?
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Hope you changed your mind about ants


Hope I did. Are you going to stop and think about it? When you come across an ant would you leave it alone or step on it? Would if the ants ruled the world and they were huge and they started stepping on us? Would you like it?!!!??!

Hope you enjoyed this!! ;)

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