Ferruccio Lamborghini

By: Sai Kurakula

Ferrucio lamboghini Bio

•He was born in April 28,1916 and died on February 20,1993.He lived for a total of 77 years.
•Ferruccio started taking used parts from the military after the war and reconstructed them into working powerful tractors.
•His two companies were:
Automobili Lamborghini
Lamborghini Trattori

What made him Special

1. Ferruccio made tractors from army scraps.

-Wise ,Because he didn't have to pay for material.

2. Ferruccio fought through bankruptcy.

-Strong ,because he kept going on in his career even when he was bankrupt.

3.Ferruccio took a big step switching from slow tractors to fast exotic cars.

-courageous,because he took a risky move switching to something he hasn't worked with before.

4.Ferruccio designed the most sleek exotic cars.

-talented, because he came up with such a nice design.

How it all started...

His early life

ferruccio worked in the military he worked on the ground transportation and after a while he was good and he started building tractors from scratch and he opened a company called lamborghini tractors” and soon hes was known for the best tractors in Italy

Tractors to Cars

Then He got rich...

he was so rich he started to gain a huge interest for exotic cars and since he was one of the richest men in Italy he owned Ferraris and Jaguars.But then Ferruccio discovered that the ferrari had many flaws so he decided to make his own company as a rival towards the Ferrari company.His tractor business died eventually and Ferruccio switched to full time sports car maker.

A little competition