Love Amar

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Thank you sooooooooo much for helping me with my homework. Thank you for helping me study for tests so I get a good grade. Thank you for taking me to the store to by stuff with me. Thank you for setting up my birthdays they are always very fun. Thank you for buying food. Thank you for cooking food so we are not hungry. I love when you make rice. It tastes amazing!!!
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Thank you so much for taking me to birthdays so I can have fun. Thank you so much for working hard so I can have the things I want and need. Thank you for cleaning every week so I don't get sick. Thank you for signing me up to do the things I want. Thank you for paying attention to school so you know what to help me with more.

Thank you soo much

Thank you for motivating me with things I want so I work harder to get things I want. Thank you for giving me medicine if i'm sick so I feel better. Thank you for showing me many ways to make things on the computer to make them better. Thank you for correcting my homework and helping me if i'm wrong. Thank you for helping me stay safe by telling me not to do certain things in videos.