September 26, 2021 Edition

Message from the Superintendent

Dear SCPS Families,

I hope that all of our Spotsy families have enjoyed this beautiful weekend as we prepare to begin our seventh full week of the first quarter. Despite the fluid and challenging nature of each day, I remain so proud of our SCPS staff. It cannot be understated how extremely hard everyone is working to support student learning and well-being. As I visit schools and attend events, it is clear how important experiential learning is for our students and stakeholders. Hands-on classroom learning, band competitions, and Friday night football games are just a few illustrations of the many important experiences we all deeply value. Of course, we could not navigate and overcome the continued impact of COVID-19 without your engagement, trust, and support. Thank you!

While we want to continue proactive communications consistent with what was provided throughout the last school year, we realize that most appreciate a balance in terms of the amount of information being shared. This is especially true when our schools are also providing daily and weekly communications as needed. Below are a few announcements and updates with links for your convenience.

  • Two weeks ago, we sent out a communication regarding adjustments in our quarantining process. We have also continued to sustain and enhance the layered mitigation strategies outlined in our ReEngage Plan. In future communications, we hope to provide updates on the capabilities of on-site, voluntary diagnostic COVID-19 testing. Like other school divisions and communities, we are working in conjunction with the Virginia Health Department and Rappahannock Area Health District to develop a testing program that increases access for students/staff and further enhances in-person learning sustainability.

  • COVID-19 Dashboard updates are linked here. In addition, the Virginia Department of Education has recently provided additional informational links regarding Covid-19 that we have included on our website.

  • Linked here is the Superintendent’s Report presentation shared at the September 13th meeting school board meeting. It provided updates regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies aligned with VDH and CDC interim guidance. Our next school board meeting that will include an updated report is on October 11th. Additional information will be sent out prior to that meeting.

  • The report on September 13th also aligned both our progress in addressing staff vacancies in a few different shortage areas. One of those areas is transportation where our transportation staff has worked incredibly hard to try and meet the increased demands while often being short of the needed personnel. We will continue to try to improve communications in both the morning and afternoon when delays occur. At the same time, we continue to address vacancies within transportation. Please note that we will hold a Transportation Job Fair on October 2nd.

We have now officially transitioned into Fall. I hope that this will not only bring cooler weather, but also additional opportunities for outdoor learning and engagement experiences that are so important for our students and community. Though our present circumstances continue to challenge us, I am proud of our students, staff, and families for continuing to work “Together” to make in-person learning successful and sustainable.


Scott Baker
Superintendent of Schools