Tuesday Tips

Active Listening--listening is active?

You're not listening!

We often think of students who don't listen.... And as adults, are we REALLY listening to students and how or what they are communicating to us? This new cycle of Extended PLC student assemblies teaches students about the importance of listening and how to be better listeners. See a couple video links for students at the bottom of this newsletter.

Video resources to share with your students

Howard B. Wigglebottom-lot of listening videos for anger, manners, getting along, and a bunch more!

Great for 4th/5th graders, this 8min video has a TON of tips for being a better communicator.

So what else can I do with a student who is not listening?

Students who aren't listening, aren't engaged. Here are 27 quick tips to re-engage those students and also keep your whole class moving forward.