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January 27, 2016

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch of this catalog and this month!

The end of Season Sale is a great way to end this season STRONG! There are lots of great patterns and products retiring so share them with your customers.

Finish the season strong with our End of Season Sale! The sale begins today through Jan. 31, while supplies last. Customers will be able to purchase select items on the Fall/Winter Retirement List at a discounted price of up to 40% off.

Share the End of Season Sale spreadsheet with your Customers. Remember, this list will NOT be updated so it’s important to check the Business Update daily before and after each party for the latest product availability. Once a product is gone….it’s gone!

Post the End of Season Sale social graphic in your private Facebook group, text it to your friends and email it to your Customers.

As a reminder, this is NOT an Outlet Sale. You’ll sell these products just like you normally would at the party.

Be sure to carefully read our list of what we think will be Frequently Asked Questions available on TOT.

Check Business Update on TOT!!

There is only a few more days for the current catalog and items are going on low inventory and being discontinued.

Ask guests for a second choice to avoid problems when submitting.

Even if you enter the order in your Back Office it can "disappear" from your cart if it becomes unavailable. No item is guaranteed until your hit Submit.

February Specials

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March Specials

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