Gerner Staff Cub News 5/11/15

Caring Staff ~ Quality Instruction ~ Purposeful Learning

Perfect or Near Perfect Attendance Winners!

Jeans for May

Congratulations to the following Gerner staff members who showed their commitment to students by attending work each and every day at Gerner! These staff missed 1 or fewer sick or family emergency leave days this school year.

Jane Anderson

Megan Burroughs

Diane Henderson

Shelley Jackson

Sarah Lantz

Jennifer Nelson

Joanne Perreault

Danielle Petersohn

Amanda Ready

Dana Worley

Thank YOU for your dedication to the students at Gerner!

Calendar ~ Jeans Week for Spring Fling Volunteers

Monday 5/11/15 ~ LL MPR Unavailable all day

6 p.m. PTA Meeting (Election of officers)

Tuesday 5/12/15 ~ No Meetings

Wednesday 5/13/15 ~ LL MPR Unavailable

Spirit Wear ~ Beach Luau!

11:00 a.m. ~ Luncheon for April/May birthdays and staff moving on from Gerner

1:00 p.m. ~ PreK classes to PHHS for EOYC rehearsal

Thursday 5/14/15

Angie Vacation Day

1:00 p.m. ~ School Wide PBIS Meeting

1:45 p.m. ~ ECSE /Title I to PHHS for EOYC Rehearsal


1:00 pm. ~ EOYC PHHS Preschool

2:45 p.m. ~ EOYC Rehearsal ECSE/Title I (Upstairs MPR)

5:30 p.m. ~ ECSE/Title I Staff Report Time at PHHS

6:00 p.m. ~ ECSE/Title I Performance

6:15 p.m. ~ Preschool Report Time at PHHS

7:00 p.m. ~ Preschool Performance