Grade-Level Meeting


Agenda for This Afternoon

  • 1) Student Highlight: (Everyone choose one student.) Talk about a student that has been shining lately in your room. THIS IS ONLY FIVE MINUTES TOTAL

  • 2) Teaching Highlight: (Everyone choose one item.) Talk about one event/lesson that went well and why. THIS IS ONLY FIVE MINUTES TOTAL

  • 3) Fix-Its: (Open Floor) Talk about something you are struggling with so the team can assist or offer suggestions. THIS IS ONLY FIVE MINUTES TOTAL

  • 4) Technology Moment: (Mr. Yeary) What do we want to learn about next? THIS IS ONLY THREE MINUTES TOTAL
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Minutes/ Questions for LC and KT

Student Highlights:

Purdue: Kids are moving up on SRI

Yeary: Isaac is a genius reader

Ray: Ethan, new student, has been struggling and he did well this time on ORF, is using decoding skills unseen from before

Teaching Highlight:

Assembly yesterday, singing was excellent. We have behavior concerns about assembly deportment. Could we do an assembly on how to function at an assembly?

Economics: Abuela’s Weave and Caps for Sale

Michelle C will start vocabulary on geography for next week

Technology moment for next time: Keyboard tricks, by Mr. Yeary. Also, everything about the iPad. Yeary says he uses his for reading conferences and guided reading.

Yeary did a quick “how to make QR code” tutorial.

Other: Michelle C says she is going to have to start prepping kids for ACCESS in December.

Media committee: Jami and Michelle are going to tag team it. We want to order at least six copies of everything.

Cookies with Santa: We signed up for shifts

Jami and Michelle’s lunch book club: Send two names of girls from your class to Jami asap, we will start in December during lunch on Friday.

NEST: So. Many. Questions

We have instructional plans, we need money. What is the procedure for paying for NEST supplies and when do we start ordering?

Would it be possible to do NEST from 1-2 and then transition back to homerooms to load buses? Concerns about getting kids on buses, younger grades especially.

Would it be possible to break it into two separate sessions? December-Feb and then March-May?