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Who Was Tinoretto?

Tintoretto was born in 1518 in Venice, Italy where he spent his entire life. Tintoretto was the student of the artist Titian, whom he gets his ideas from. But Tintorreto's earlier style is very different from Titian's and focuses more on peace and quiet, and he had less color in his paintings. He used a different technique than most painters, by placing wax figures in a box to make some of his paintings. Later on his paintings became more dramatic with richer color.

The Last Supper

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About The Last Supper

The Last Supper was created in 1592-1594 and can be found in San Giorgio maggiore (Venice, Italy). This piece contains Jesus and the apostles who are eating the last supper while women are waiting on them and cleaning. There are also angel ghosts in the top corners. This painting is different from any of Tintoretto's other paintings and has a much darker feel to it. It is most closely linked to Individualism, because it includes everybody including the servants and shows that they are all important. This is not done in any other artists' painting of the last supper and shows more depth and realism than other paintings. What I find interesting about this painting is that he made multiple different versions of this painting (see painting above). This tells us that Tintoretto was very passionate about this painting.