MSHSL Fine Art Judges - 2021-2022

September 27, 2021

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2021-2022 MSHSL Fine Arts Judges Registration

MSHSL Fine Arts Judge registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open!!

There are three parts to the Registration and Eligibility process:

  1. Create an account, pay, and consent to a background check. (See Video 1 below)
  2. Register for each Fine Arts Activity you'd like to judge. In this step, you will also be asked about your competencies and experiences within the activity. (See Video 2 below)
  3. Complete the required eligibility pieces for each activity. (See Video 2 below)

Required eligibility items for MSHSL Fine Arts Activities that you'll do in Step 3:

  • Speech-complete the exam. The passing score is 80% and you will have 3 attempts.
  • One Act Play-complete the exam. The passing score is 80% and you will have 3 attempts.
  • Music-complete the NFHS Music Adjudication course and submit your certificate of completion to
  • Debate-no required eligibility items for 2021-2022.
  • VIsual Arts-no required eligibility items for 2021-2022.


The annual registration fee is $15. The registration system will accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.


Judges who have registered and completed required eligibilities will be on a list available to activities directors, those hosting contests, and section and state tournament personnel.


This is a new registration system. Your accounts from previous Fine Arts Registrations have not been imported and you will create a new account. This account will be used going forward.

When asked for your address, please use your home address.

The registration requires you to add your social security number. This is needed to perform a background check.


Registration is being hosted through ArbiterSports. ArbiterSports is the MSHSL management platform for MSHSL Sports Officials. They are in the process of reworking language and graphics to be more inclusive for Fine Arts Judges. At this time, you will experience some "sports-related" terminology and graphics.

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Fine Arts Account Registration Process Video

MSHSL Fine Arts Registration

Fine Arts Activity Specific Registration and Eligibility Process Video

MSHSL Fine Arts Eligibility
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Tech Tips:

  • The best browsers to use for ArbiterSports are Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. If you receive an Ooops message it is often the browser that is not working to load the page.
  • Make sure you do not have pop-ups blocked.
  • If any of the pages still do not load, you made need to clear your cache and/or cookies (Mac Users - Windows Users -
  • Click on the Next button towards the upper right of the screen to move to the next page.
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Support and Questions

If you have questions about the Arbiter site, please contact them at: or 800-311-4060. It is best to request a callback instead of waiting on hold.

If it is MSHSL process-related, please email for assistance.

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