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Friday, September 4th 2020

It was great getting to see our 5th Grade Barry Pirates and their families back in the building this week for our back to school event! We had a great turnout and appreciate the efforts our families made to get our students ready for the upcoming school year!


Character Strong - Family Dares

I hope you all had a chance as a family to connect this past week to complete the first Family Dare, which was to develop a family bucket list for the year ahead. My family had the opportunity to do this and enjoyed this process. We are excited to cross one off our list by going camping this weekend!

Week 2 - Home Theater

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Explanation of Character Strong and Family Dares

Character Strong Week 2 Family Dare


Below is a graphic for helpful reminders for our in-person learners on their first day of school!
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please review the video below with your student(s) prior to next week.
Barry Arrival and Dismissal 2020

FERPA Virtual Learning Notice (Reminder)

As part of the 2020-2021 school year, your student will participate in virtual or distance learning. This virtual learning may occur via a digital platform like Canvas, Google Classroom, or Google Meets that will require participation by your student in a virtual setting with other students receiving the same services.

Due to the nature of virtual learning, it is possible the parent/guardian, sibling, or other related person of another student in your student’s class may hear or see your student as they are engaged in learning.

The Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office (“SPPO”) stated in its March 30, 2020 virtual learning guidance “a person merely seeing or hearing your student does not violate their or your rights under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Another person sitting in the same room as your student is treated no differently than a visitor would be during an in-person class.” It is not possible or feasible for the District to dictate the location of other individuals present during virtual sessions within a student’s home.

Our staff members will take precautions to comply with District Policy and FERPA to prohibit and limit the disclosure of personally identifiable information. Additionally, please note District Policy KKB expressly prohibits recording any virtual classroom session. This long-standing policy exists to protect the rights of all students under FERPA.

I have been advised that my student may be seen or heard by other individuals present during virtual learning sessions. I have also been advised of the District’s prohibition on the recording of the virtual sessions and agree to comply with Policy KKB.

If you desire that your child not receive virtual education services, please contact your student’s building principal.

COVID Related Updates for Students

Please review the following videos with your students prior to them coming to school. We will review them again during their first day back.
Grade Level Meetings Part 1
Grade Level Meetings Part 2


We can't wait to see you all next Tuesday! Remember that our 5th graders come to school every day. Please report to your homeroom teacher's class upon arrival unless you plan to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.


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Tuesday, September 8th - B Day Students Grades 6-8

Families of our B day students have asked what Tuesday may look like for their student since their first face-to-face day isn't until Wednesday, September 9th. Please read below to find more information for whichever grade level your student is in.

6th Grade B Day (At home on Tuesday 9/8)

Students will have two assignments to complete by the end of the day. The main one is called the Google Classroom Training Camp. This assignment won't be due until the end of the week, but it would be preferred if students complete it ALL today to be as familiar with Google Classroom as possible.

The second will require you to watch Mrs. Madill's welcome video and fill out a quick form.

Both of these assignments require students to join TWO Google Classrooms: 6th Grade ELA - B & Group B Mrs. Madill Social Studies . To join these Google Classrooms, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure to sign in with your Platte County student account. If you're already signed in and need to switch accounts, in the top-right corner, click your profile picture and sign out or add another account.

  2. Go to

  3. At the top, click Join class (there is a visual below)
  4. Type this code: xnpo6gp to join Miss Cook's classroom (6th Grade ELA - B)
  5. Type this code: a4kx5wa to join Mrs. Madill's classroom (Group B Mrs. Madill Social Studies)
  6. To complete the Google Training Camp, click on the tab titled Classwork in Miss Cook's classroom
  7. Find the assignment titled Google Classroom Training Camp under the topic ‍ BEGINNING 6TH GRADE ELA
  8. Begin assignment by going through the Google Slides in consecutive order.
  9. To complete Mrs. Madill's video and form go to her Google Classroom.
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7th Grade B Day (At home on Tuesday 9/8)

7th grade core staff and specials teachers will send an email out on Friday with a video introduction of each teacher and a welcome back note to families. They will send out a newsletter to the B day students with some "to-do" items to complete on Tuesday.

8th Grade B Day (At home on Tuesday 9/8)

Students: Please check your Gmail for invites to each of your Social Studies, Science, ELA, and Math Google Classrooms. Please join each Google Classroom, read the syllabus for each class, and check out any other videos and/or resources available to you prior to coming to class Wednesday. This newsletter went out today.

All Middle School Students

If you need assistance with getting logged into your school email, click here to watch a video tutorial.

Middle School Sports Update

In-person student-athletes will be dismissed from class at 2:45 pm to ensure they are loaded and ready to depart for Platte City by 2:50 pm.

For student-athletes who are in-person students on the alternating schedule, but not at school that day, parents need to ensure they are dropped off at Barry no later than 2:45 pm. Students should be dressed and ready for practice upon arrival. They will meet in the gym prior to loading the bus as well for the 2:50 pm departure. Please enter through our main doors.

  • Example: On Tuesday, September 8th which is an A day, B Day athletes needing to ride the bus north to Platte City would use the directions listed above.

August 2020 - PTSA Newsletter (Reminder)

See the PDF below.

Y Academy (Reminder)

For any family that is looking for additional child care on days that your 6th-8th grader is not at school in the face-to-face environment, the YMCA is offering a program called Y Academy. My understanding is that they will have staff present to assist with virtual learning at one of their locations in the Northland. You can see more information about this program below.

6th Grade Families (Reminder)

Transitioning from elementary to middle school can be a big leap. Due to this, we typically have a 6th grade transition night for parents to come and hear from their 6th grade core teachers. Due to our current environment navigating COVID, it is difficult to have a large gathering of parents in a safe manner. Therefore, we have pivoted to a virtual environment to still be able to provide the information you need and answer questions as applicable.

Prior to September 9th, please use this link to watch five videos (roughly an hour) that cover the following topics:

  • Teacher Introductions
  • Support
  • Google Classroom
  • SIS and Grades
  • Expectations and Incentive Program

On Wednesday, September 9th from 6-7 pm, Dr. Haniger and our 6th grade core teachers will be available via Google Meets to answer any questions after you have watched the five videos linked above. We will send out that link in Barry News next Friday.

In the meantime, if you have any questions you would like to ask immediately, you can fill out the form below. Thanks!

7th and 8th Grade Band Families

Please see the letter below from our band director, Christine Chesney.


Stay Connected


Elementary Remote Learners

Shelli Baldwin, who is serving as the Elementary Remote Learning Administrator, sent information to elementary remote learning families on August 27, including helpful resources for Google Classroom and the G Suite, a link to input your questions, and information about an optional parent meeting on September 2 from 6-7pm via Google Meet.

Middle School Remote Learners

Dr. Aaron Duff, who is serving as the Secondary Remote Learning Administrator, shares the following updates and reminders:

Remote Learning Questions

If families have additional questions about Remote Learning, we encourage you to contact Shelli Baldwin or Dr. Aaron Duff at the District Education Center, 816-858-5420. As with any other District issue, you can also submit your comments, concerns, compliments or questions via the "How Are We Doing?" link on the homepage of our District website.

Curbside Lunches Available for Purchase Daily

Remote learners can place a pick up lunch order via our Nutrislice school menu page via the Pickup or SFE to Go links or through the Nutrislice app (regular meal prices including free and reduced prices apply). Orders must be placed no later than 9:30am the day of service and picked up curbside at the following times/locations:

  • Barry School (for Pathfinder and Barry Students): Front circle drive, 1 to 1:30pm


Welcome to Mrs. Richison's Virtual Office! Please click around the room to find information regarding district resources, coping skills, ways to contact me, and more.

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest is our school district resource center. It is a stocked pantry providing food, clothing, toiletries, and other household supplies. All items in the Treasure Chest are free to PCR-3 students and families who participate in the Free or Reduced School Lunch Program. The Treasure Chest is open for shopping every week of the calendar year on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-6pm. Families must register at the following link or call 816.858.7001 weekly so we can appropriately plan for resources. Once approved, families can drive through at the original Treasure Chest site (in the north parking lot of PCHS). Identification must be provided in order to receive food.

Register weekly here:

If you need to complete a new lunch application for the 2020/2021 school year, please follow this link:

Free Online Tutoring Help

Students K-12 can access Live Homework Help from Tutor.Com for free, online, seven days a week in English and Spanish in a variety of subjects. Learn more:

School Social Worker Resource Checklist Needs Assessment

We are asking all Pirate Families to please take a moment to complete the following Google Form. Because much of registration this year will be completed virtually, this brief questionnaire is your School Social Worker's first and primary way to help you access resources and support services. It also lets us know if you are interested in giving back to your school community to help other Pirate Families in-need. Please do not hesitate to contact your School Social Worker at any time!


Please feel free to visit our counselor's virtual office for counseling related materials.

Welcome Back!

I have two forms that you might want to fill out :)

The form below is a counselor referral form. If you would like me to meet with your student or if you have any concerns you would like to discuss before school starts, please fill out this form and I will reach out within 24 hours.

The form below is a schedule change request form. This form must be filled out by a parent. Please be mindful that we have had staffing changes and classes sizes must meet our protocol for social distancing. Some students were unable to get all of their top choices.


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