role of a white teenage male

identy preception gender


I for the most part conform to the stereotypes for my age and gender. although most of the time I am more motivated than other teenagers. I am involved in extra-crurricular out of school activities. in about a month I am going to apply for a job so I can have extra money. as far as my grades go i'm pretty much average for a public school student.

(sir Toby)

Sir Toby is the uncle of the countess Olivia. he spends most of his time in the bar with his friend sir Andrew. Toby wants Andrew to marry olivia so that he can have access to his drinking money. Sir Toby also enjoys playing tricks on olivia's servants, such as the time he convinced malvolio that olivia loved him. Even though Toby has a drinking habit, he is smarter than everyone gives him credit for


as a whole I am preceved as a normal white teenage male. I have a job, i do my work for the most part, and I tend to stay out of trouble. In my physical appearence I am pretty normal too, I am taller and on the thin side of average weight. I am also pretty average in school, meaning I'm functioning at my age level.

Sir Toby

Other characters in the play "Twelfth Night" veiw sir toby as a bit of a drunk and a moron. In reality he is actually more intelligent then he lets on. If sir Toby was really a moron he would not have been able to pull off the prank he pulled on Malvolio.


As far as scoiety's veiw of a regular teenage male, I seem to conform with the most part. I have had a few girlfriends, I work a physical job, and I help my family around the house. Also I plan on enlisting in the marines after highschool and start a career with aviation. An unstated rule in western scoiety is that all fit males do work that is physically and mentally demanding work. I tend to adhear to this rule.

Sir Toby

sir Toby is fairly normal for a male of his age and time period. although he is pretty normal he is unmarried. It was the expectation for males of his age to have a wife and a family. Sir toby is not a homosexual but he seems to prefer the company of his friend sir Andrew to anyone else. He also has a bit of a drinking problem which was common back then.

Similarities and Differences (sir toby)

Similarities- we both tend to con form to the role of a male in our time period. we also tend not to take things seriously from time to time.

Differences- sir toby grew up as a noble-man with alot of money where as i grew up in a lower middle-class working family. Another way we are different is we grew up in very different time periods with different social situations