Newsletter Week 10 Term 3

Lauriston School 28th September 2022

Festival of Cultures

Wow! What an amazing day we had last Thursday for our Opuke Festival of Cultures. Thank you to everybody who came and supported our day, it certainly was a festival of celebration and we were extremely proud to see over 275 children cross the stage with pride. The smiles across our children’s faces were hard to beat!

It was Lauriston's great privilege and weighty responsibility to lead the first Festival of Cultures. We hope that like our Lauriston School 2022 Year’s whakatauki suggests, our example will benefit others; “Don’t lead by example-let your example lead others to their own success.”

You may have noticed on the day the stunning art piece that stood behind our stage. Thank you to Libby Chambers for your leadership with our GATE student group who completed this piece called Makere ana ngahere, that tells our story in art.

Thanks again to our sponsors who without their support we would not be able to make this event possible. Thanks to Lushingtons Ashburton, The Lauriston Fire crew and supporting services, Farming Families Charitable Trust, Methven Travel and Smith and Son’s.

We are proud to pass the bastion of championing culture and community to Chertsey in 2023 and looking forward to performing there next year! Check out some of the awesome photos and feedback we received from the day.

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“It was a great day and I was lucky to be able to take part. Celebrate with your staff as they have done a wonderful job with the organisation and execution of an excellent day. Kia ora.”

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“That was a great day. The best Lauriston event I have ever attended. Well done to everyone involved, especially Nan and Miss Nerina who engaged our kids so passionately in haka and waiata. It was a beautiful sight seeing the juniors and seniors in full flight, emotional for me. Also so great to recognise and celebrate all the cultures represented at our school. Well done. The event will go from strength to strength.”

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Wow, wow, wow. What a stunningly well organised beautiful day. I am so, so proud of all of the children...they were amazing. All of that practice paid off. The organisation was also incredible.”
Please can you pass on my sincere thanks for the effort all staff put into organising and pulling off the most amazing cultural day yesterday!
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there the whole day & I can’t wait to see the video, taken on the worlds biggest camera of the rest of the day that I missed.
Like any event, unless you’re involved in the organisation, you have absolutely no clue what’s involved but it was obvious from the short time I was there and the discussions that Sam & Ali had here at home, just how much thought & planning had gone into it. I don’t underestimate the many, many hours that you all put into showcasing our school to the others that came to join the event. The school is looking a picture in every aspect and that is the work of all of you so thank you.

Firstly, I’d like to express a huge thank you to all the team involved in yesterday’s epic event. The look on the kid’s faces …….. says it all!.

So humbling to be able to take a few snaps of this super cool day.

Hi Colin thank you for today.

We really had a great time and was very impressed with all the organisation . Big shoes too full. I can’t take too much credit but very proud.

Thanks Colin! It was a great day and I was lucky to be able to take part. Celebrate with your staff as they have done a wonderful job with the organisation and execution of an excellent day. Kia ora

Aww! Thanks Colin! That really means a lot… we really didn’t know if what we prepared was appropriate for the occasion… but it was about our culture at our school… that’s what it means to go to our school … and after our performance the kids were all buzzing …! We were so proud of them! We’re already talking about what we’ll do for next year Your senior Kapa Haka group blew us all away-they were amazing It was such a fantastic day - thank you to all your staff for all the hard mahi - it certainly paid off

Thanks Colin. It was a fantastic day. Credit to you and your staff for all your hard work.

“Well done on yesterday Laura and the Lauriston team! What an awesome day that totally exceeded our expectations!”

Meet Our Lauriston Board Members

Colin Brodie - Principal​

Ko Kaihautu ahau. Colin Brodie is the Principal of Lauriston School and has been for the past 5 years. He is married to Anjuli Brodie and has six children aged between 18 and 4 years old. Two of his children Sky and Kaiah both went through Lauriston School and their youngest daughter Harper, begins school at Lauriston in Term 4, 2022. As a family the Brodie's enjoy camping, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and surfing in the great outdoors.

Te Pou Ngahere Waka toku kaupapa manaaki. He was also the Lead Principal for Opuke Kahui Ako almost three years, 2019-2021-a collaboration of 9 local schools and 8 early childhood centres aimed at improving outcomes for children throughout their entire schooling journey.

He Kotuku toku whanau. He Kotare toku kaitiaki. Ko au te manu, ko te manu ko au-Ko Tui tena. Colin has 25 years experience in teaching, is an experienced Principal of 10 years, with 18 years senior leadership experience including- school leadership, advisory and mentoring roles for principals, lead teachers, teaching staff, school support staff in areas such as Literacy, Mathematics, New Zealand Curriculum development and implementation, Enviro-Schools, Local curriculum development, culturally responsive practice and leadership through Te Ao Maori to name just a few of the many areas of knowledge, experience and leadership he has lead across a range of NZ school contexts.

Colin has been an active member a number of school and community boards for over 20 years including most recently and/or currently; the Mt Hutt-Lauriston School Combined BOT 2017-2019, the Lauriston School Support Executive 2017-2022, the Methven Bus Group Association, Canterbury Principal's Federation, both Opuke Kahui Steering Committee and Opuke Kahui Ako Stewardship Group, and the Mid Canterbury Principal's Association.

He aha nga patai? He kupu toru: Whakaaro. Korero. Mahia. He aha te mahia? Mahia te mahi. Colin is incredibly proud of Lauriston School and the success it has achieved over the past 5 years and looks forward to seeing our school continue to shine over many years to come.

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Georgina Turpie - Deputy Principal

Kia ora, my name is Georgie and I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of the Lauriston team since 2019 after returning from teaching in London. I was born and raised in rural Mid Canterbury and now live with my partner Tom on his family’s sheep, deer and cropping farm. I love my role here of transitioning our children to school and seeing them thrive in our awesome learning environment.

Georgie is our Deputy principal, SENCO-learning support lead teacher, new entrant teacher, Opuke Kahui Ako Early Childhood Lead teacher, Staff representative on the BOT and a member of the Lauriston School Support Executive in 2022. She has experience in mentoring beginning teachers and students in teacher training to success. She holds a number of roles and responsibilities across the school as a member of the senior leadership team.

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Birthday Celebrations

This week we have Raffia Stehouwer turning 11 on Thursday 29th , Ava Harrower turning 11 on Friday 30th, Austin Marshall turning 8 on Saturday 1st October and Hettie Pike turning 6 on Sunday 3rd October - we hope you all have wonderful birthday celebrations!

The following children will celebrate their birthdays during the holidays:

Courtney Lay will turn 7 on 7th October and Willow McKerrow will turn 11 on 11th October - we hope you both have wonderful birthday celebrations as well!


A big welcome to Frankie Henderson who joined the Mt Alford class as a new entrant last week. Frankie is the youngest child of Mark and Jessica and the younger sister of Jamie. We wish you happy Lauriston School days filled with learning and discovery.

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Upcoming Events

  • Pet Day - End of Term Three - 30th September
  • Start of Term 4 - 17th October
  • BOT Strategic Planning Meeting - 18th October
  • Area Athletics - 20th October
  • School Photos - 21st October
  • Labour Day Holiday - 24th October
  • BOT Meeting - 25th October
  • County Athletics - 4th November (pp 7th November)
  • Opuke Staff Only Day - 10th November
  • Canterbury Anniversary Day Holiday - 11th November
  • LSS Meeting - 23rd November
  • Zone Athletics - 30th November
  • Firewise Funday - 2nd December
  • BOT Meeting - 5th December
  • Leavers Dinner - 8th December

Activity Accounts

As we near the end of the term it would be appreciated if all student accounts could be paid please - if anyone has any queries around their account please do not hesitate to email me.

Livestock Donation Programme

Hi Everyone

On behalf of the Lauriston School Support and the livestock representatives I would like to say hello and invite you to consider donating to this year's programme, I have attached a notice explaining how our livestock donation programme works.

This programme is one of our main fundraising options each year and plays a huge part in allowing LSS to contribute to the school. Please have a read through and if you would like to be part of the programme just use one of the following methods.

- Contact either Jo Copland or myself to register

- Fill out the list in the school office

- Send through your billing and contact details with the option and a specified amount ( any amount will be gratefully received ) and you will be sent a tax invoice directly from LSS.

We really appreciate any help with fundraising as it benefits the children and school directly.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Jo or myself.

Kind Regards Mark

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School Holiday Dental Care

Priority for Community Dental Service appointments during the school break will be for immediate dental needs at the following clinics:

Woolston Community Dental Clinic, 11 Hopkins Street, Christchurch

Hornby Community Dental Clinic, 2 Hei Hei Road, Christchurch

Timaru Community Dental Clinic, 18 Woollcombe Street, Timaru

To access these appointments, call our Contact Centre on 0800 846 983 noting that priority is given to children with immediate dental needs.

For any dental advice please call the Contact Centre on 0800 846 983 or email

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