Caffeine Addiction

Lose the Need for Speed from Caffeine!

Basic Facts

Caffeine is a stimulant drug. It stimulates the body, changes moods, and affects the nervous system. The actual name of this drug is trimethylxanthine. It's a common drug and is commonly referred to as caffeine.

Where it is in YOUR life

Caffeine is found in popular drinks, foods, and is found naturally in plants. Caffeine is found in pop, energy drinks, coffee, tea, many medicines, and chocolate. It is consumed by many people every day. People use this drug as a kick-start in the morning or whenever their energy starts to drag. Lots of people who use the drug make it a daily habit.

Effects of Caffeine

- disrupts sleep -anxiety -the urge to urinate -headaches -dizziness -jitters -loss of calcium -increase in blood pressure

Above are effects of caffeine on the body. They can be taken in a good or bad way. Drinking it to help keep you awake can help you get your work done, but it can also end up making your mind foggy if too much is taken. Another example is the effect of an increase in blood pressure. This can be used to temporarily treat migraines, but it can also lead to heart problems. These effects become more dangerous as caffeine intake increases.

Sally Simple

Friday, Dec. 20th 2013 at 6:45am

The local coffee shop

Simple stayed up late the night before which was not normal for her. She stopped in her local coffee shop for a quick energy boost with the help of some caffeine. It gave her a quick jolt and she was ready for work. She had a good meal later on that kept her awake. Her hands were a little shaky but no other effects of caffeine showed that day.

Caffy Ine

Friday, Dec. 20th 2013 at 6:45am

Traffic on the local high way

Ine ran into some unusual traffic on her way to work. This caused her to run late and miss out on her daily mega grande jumbo cappuccino with a shot of espresso. She used to just take a black tea every morning but it stopped working to wake her up after a while and now she selects the largest (most expensive) drink on the menu. Missing out on her daily dose of caffeine, Ine suffered from tremendous headaches. She snapped at her coworkers all day and couldn't manage to get through one day of work with the coffee. She returned home irritable and curled up on her couch furious. This also caused her to miss out on taking her high blood pressure pills and became extremely stressed out. She kicked her couch and easily chipped a few of her now brittle bones in her foot. She was angry, injured, on job probation, and stressed because she missed one day of her daily caffeine.

And More!

1. 60% of coffee drinkers claim they need it to start their day

2. The average coffee drinker spends over 164 dollars on coffee annually

3. There are about 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States today


-see your doctor

-get friend support

-Rehab Treatment Center if you find rehab necessary (Rehab Scout) (The Watershed)