My Experience

With Chinese Tradition Marriage

Bring up the topic about marriage within the couple's family

Traditionally, the male side of the family brings up the topic of marriage. When the couple agrees to get married, the male side of couple visits the female side of the family and discusses the details about when a good or lucky day to get married would be, what jewellery they need to prepare, what restaurant, how many tables are needed, and so much more. This is the first stage of starting a marriage preparation.

parents meeting together talking about the requirements of marriage

I have actually had a very personal experience since I was a close family member, I had a chance to sit down at the table and listen to them discussing the plans. They will consider the date of the marriage, and if it is considered a lucky date to get married. What time is the marriage going to be hosted?

What day does the bride move into the groom family? When they are talking about what days, they want to choose the luckiest day of the month, for the best luck to come for their for future. As followed the Chinese tradition, the Chinese character (囍) must be taped everywhere in the house, to symbolize having double the happiness after you are married.

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For both sets of parents getting along

When you arranged for a marriage between two families among, there could be different opinions among everything during the set up. What I have heard from couple after the marriage, that the female's father wanted to have the portrait on the left side, while males's mother wants it to be right side. In this situation, the couple's portrait is placed in the middle, if they don't know what side to take. If they pick one side, then the other side would get mad. There are sometimes that there are situation, when both side of the parents doesn't get along, that might hurt the relationship between the couple.
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The day of the marriage

As months have passed by and the preparation is completed, the day had finally come. The bride was very nervous, just like the rest of the family. As many of the Chinese traditions, the bride has invited, few of her best friends over as bride maids, and help out with the wedding. I was a bridesmaid once too. On them very day, everyone is well dressed up and waited for the groom to arrival. The bride maids prepared some door games, for the groom and groom maids before the bride can leave with the groom. The groom had to give red pocket money, to the bride maids as it is a tradition before he can see the bride.

The door games could be really silly, and also crazy. Once the groom and the groom maids passed all the games that the bride maids has prepared, the groom can see the bride.

The groom and the bride continued with the tea ceremony, meant those newlyweds, needs to kneel down and serve tea to the elderly who sits in front of them. This action is considered as respect for elderly, and the confirmation for the newlyweds, they either receive red pocket money or golden bracelet, as a wedding gift.

Then the day continued as it was planned, gone to the church, then to dinner.

These are some of the highlights of Chinese traditions that occurred during the wedding.

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