Traveling Safely

Tips on how to be safe on vacation

Travel safely

Travel is getting bigger & better. Everyone who is anyone is buying plane tickets & packing their bags. To travel is to experience new cultures & try new things but being same should be the number one priority. Being in an unknown area can be dangerous, have a plan & let someone you know or the hotel know what you will be doing, & don't dress too flashy or you can look like a target.

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Have a Plan

Having a plan can be helpful in being organized & being safe. By having a plan & telling your hotel or someone where you will be at all times can make sure if something happens they know where you are. Huffington Post states, "Traveling is all about having fun but tell someone where you are & have a plan." Have a plan to be safe & to be able to enjoy your trip.

Don't look like a target

Not dressing too flashy can draw less attention from you. When you dress like a million bucks you become a target for crooks & criminals. Huffington Post wrote "You don't wanna dress to flashy or you'll look like target." By looking like a million bucks you have a chance of being robbed or other crimes by local crooks.

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