Stanley Middle School

Week of August 29

Just a Note

We have had a fantastic first 8 days of school. Thank you for all you have done to support your student and our staff in making sure we got off to a great start. Keep it up!

I hope your students told you about Friday's STEM challenges. Students did a great job working together to complete their assigned task.

It has been 8 great days of school and already we are finding leftover snack wrappers, papers you need to sign, multiple water bottles, supplies we think you intended for students to turn in, play toys and items of the like stuffed in book bags. Take some time this week or over the long Labor Day weekend to get bookbags cleaned out.

Remember that next Monday we will not be in school for the Labor Day holiday.



We have created a wish list of items which can be used to reward students who make good choices, make personal growth and improvements, and just "do the right thing." Students who do these things are given tickets by adults in the building who witness their efforts.

Students can put their tickets in for a drawing at the end of the week and students whose names are drawn can win prizes of their choice.

Weekly tickets will be saved for the entire nine weeks and at the end of the nine weeks at our reward celebration (see below for criteria) we will put all the names in the hat for more drawings and bigger prizes.

Teachers/faculty members who gave the weekly winning students their tickets also get to choose a reward. This continues to encourage our staff to continue to look for students doing the right thing.

Teachers will also be setting goals they are working towards in their grade levels and prizes can be earned for meeting those goals as well.

This is our first time doing a wishlist. We thank you in advance for your support.

We will continue to modify and update the list as we learn what the hot items are. We will also be adding in-school items (free slushie, ticket to a ball game, elevator pass, etc) as well.

School Pictures - September 13

Online ordering and payment is now available for prepay sessions at up until the day of the session using this JOB KEY: HLL9Y4D7

Paper Forms will be sent home with students for those who want to pay at the camera.

PTO Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear orders are open until Friday, Sept 2nd. Put your order in for the t-shirts and hoodies your kids will need this year.

Important Information from Nurse Sheri Martin

All students in 7th grade who have not gotten their required 7th grade immunizations must have them completed by Sept 15th to avoid Exclusion Sept 16.


August 29 - Softball@SMS

September 1 - Softball@BC

September 5 - Labor Day Holiday

September 6 - Softball@SMS

September 7 - Football@Chavis (4:00 start time)

September 8 - Softball@SMS

September 12- Softball@Holbrook

September 13- School Pictures

September 14 - Football@SMS

September 15 - Interims Go Home; 8th grade band to EG during Core Plus (tentative)

September 21- Football@SMS

September 22- Softball@Belmont

September 23 - 8th Grade Band Night at EG

September 28 - Football@SMS

September 29 - Softball@SMS

October 3- Golf Championship; Softball Playoffs

October 5 - Football@ BCMS

October 6 - Softball Championship

October 12 - Football Championship

October 13 - Early Dismissal - tentative date for PBIS Reward; Parent Conferences

October 14 - Optional Teacher Workday

*Golf Matches will be added once dates and locations are finalized.

Student Quarterly Awards

Also, each nine weeks, all students who receive no ISS or OSS, no BUS suspensions, or no more than one rebound (removed from class for disruptive behavior) will be invited to a quarterly reward celebration. All students eligibility to attend begins on the first day of the nine weeks.

The first reward date is set for October 21.

Athletic Reminders

1. All bags will be searched. Bring as little as you can into the ballgame.

2. We will sell student tickets at lunch for home football and basketball games and any other "big game."

3. All pets need to remain at home during athletic events.

4. If you are coming on campus to a game, if you will arrive after 3:45, traffic will be more manageable.

5.Students who do not have a ride at school at the end of the game will lose the privilege of attending other home games.

6. Any student who chooses to not comply with the direction of adults will lose the privilege of attending other home games.

7. We ask that all spectators watch games inside the gate.

8. Tickets for all events are $5.00 for anyone school-aged or older.


Here is the STEAM Network link for parents (Business connections). This is a Google Form.

STEAM NETWORK with Businesses


Our makerspace is back open and in full swing.

The following items are in high demand - paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

These an be dropped off in the silver collection bins in the front lobby or students can drop them off at the silver bin inside the car line entrance prior to going through metal detection.

Optional Chromebook Insurance

We have had a great response to students purchasing optional chromebook insurance.

Thank you for being proactive.

Cell Phone Policy Reminder

GCS acknowledges that parents may opt to allow students to bring cell phones/two way communication devices (including watches) on school property for the purpose of communication as long as they are not activated, used, displayed or visible during the instructional day (which is as soon as students enter the building). School employees are permitted to confiscate any device which is activated, used, displayed or visible once students go thru metal detection. Phones which require parent pick up must be picked up by parent or guardian.

Therefore, the expectation is that if parents allow students to bring phones to school that they remain in their bookbag, OFF and AWAY, from the time they arrive at school until they leave at the end of the day.

See Rule 18 in the GCS Code of Conduct for full policy.

SMS Student/Parent Handbook

Please reference this electronic handbook if you have any questions regarding general polices and procedures for school.