Team For-{EVER}

February Newsletter

Welcome to our first team newsletter!

Hello and welcome to Ever Skincare, Team For-{EVER}'s first monthly newsletter! We are a small group of 4, but I am so looking forward to what the future has to bring. As I know we all have previous direct sales experience, this is definitely a different journey, but I must say I am loving everything about this company and I truly feel that if we stick through it and work with the Power of 1 and do our daily networking we will see impressive growth as word about EVER gets out there. W all have seen what instant success looks like and what some of the hiccups are that can come from that, so I know I for one am glad to see slow and steady growth. That being said - a little fact for you - we are growing faster than Rodan & Fields did in their first year out. That is pretty exciting!

In this month's newsletter, my goal is to share with you what is working with networking, how to get your business started and what to look for in back office etc. Thanks for being on this journey with me! I am really excited to see where it takes us!!!



Working Your EVER Business.

I am finding that utilizing the Power of 1 and being intentional of "who is one person each day that I could recommend EVER too or share EVER with has been critical in the success of getting my business off the ground. It is a slower growth and I have also found that it works best if you can just get people to jump in and order the products vs. samples. I do make samples to send out; however, it is just not enough for them to get a full feel for the products and to get them past the purge their skin will do of all the chemicals and bacteria that there skin has built up. With our 45 day money back guarantee I like to impress that they have nothing to lose by giving it a try. I have a few people that have bought the entire regimen, a couple that are on the regimen light and several that have bought individual products. So far everyone has had nothing but great things to say. We have had to tweak the regimen here and there once we see how their skin reacts, but they are loving the way their skin feels and the biggest fact in that it is safe! Don't forget we are a gluten free line too!

The most effective way to get your business off the ground is to host your own EVER social. Invite a group of your friends over to feel the products and learn about EVER. You could even do a small spa session by showing them how the cleansers work (especially the Luminous balm) and then have warm washcloths to wipe off their faces. Then they can try what other products fit their skincare needs. Followed up with some Light Beam on their hands and Smooth on their lips! Be creative. Don't have the full regimen to do a spa - no worries - work with what you have! The most important thing is to share EVER with them and express the Never Ever List and how safe EVER products are for them.