eQUIP for October 6th

for the Academic Journey of e Schooling

eQUIP......Tools for empowering YOU, the Learning Coach!

OHVA realizes that the job of the Learning Coach is incredibly important. You partner alongside the OHVA teachers to help aid your student in the educational journey. You are a co-teacher, and one who dares to teach must never cease to learn. That is what eQUIP is all about...equipping you to be the best learning coach you can be as you guide your child on this educational journey.

An Expert’s Advice on How to Learn

No matter how intelligent one may be, learning how to learn can be more difficult than it seems. However, a popular course offered on Coursera teaches just that.

Coursera, a technology company founded by two Stanford professors, provides online courses from several universities on a variety of topics. “Learning How to Learn” is Coursera’s most popular class to-date, according to The New York Times, with more than 1.8 million students already enrolled from around the world. This innovative learning course, taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley, a Professor at Oakland University, and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, a professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, teaches people of all ages how the brain uses two distinct learning modes and how it divides information into categories for storage in the brain. Read on for a brief overview of these concepts.

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K12's Learning Coach University

K12 Learning Coach University™ was created to support the Learning Coaches who guide the schooling of their children at home. Click here to view the sessions.
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OHVA Boosters are on the move -- to host F2F events!

We are super excited that our trained OHVA Boosters will be able to host F2F events for families now! If you're interested, sign up below. When you sign up to host, we'll train you in an online session (Sept. 21 at 4 pm) and we'll send you a F2F Booster kit, too.
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eQUIP is specifically designed to help Learning Coaches successfully educate their Ohio Virtual Academy students.