Pi Kappa Phi

Theta Rho

Table of Contents

Page 1- Officer Reports

Page 2- Officer Reports (Con)

Page 3- Xi Class

Page 4- Alumni Spotlight

Page 5- Alumni Update

Page 6- Historian report

Page 7- Extra Info and Announcements

Page 8- Blast from the Present

Active Executive Board

Victor Tran- Archon

Christopher DeRosia- Vice Archon

Andrew Trewhella- Treasurer

Peter Littlefield- Secretary

Matthew Cain- Warden

Jared Szymanski- Chaplin

Jalen Onorati- Historian

Ability Experience Chairman- Michael Lane
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Active Justice Board

Michael DeVito- Chief Justice

Cameron Wolbrink- Associate Justice

Adam Randell- Associate Justice

Jacob Downs- Sergeant-at-Arms

Brian Schoonover- Scribe