Water and Sanitation

The importance of sanitation in under-developed countries

One gram of human faeces can contain:

  • 10 million viruses
  • 1 million bacteria
  • 1 000 parasite cysts
  • 100 parasite eggs
What if you knew your child was drinking unsafe water?

1.5 million children die every year from diseases due because of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation, 4 000 children die every day and 1 child every 20 seconds from poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water.

Sanitation needs to be talked about

Sanitation is not spoken about openly in today's society because of cultural taboos, pride and humiliation. This puts immense pressure on poor communities and families.

Watch the following video

It explains the need of safe water and shows the struggle poor communities have!
Make change happen: World Water Day