Muscular System

Christian Acosta & Julissa Ramirez

Function of Muscular System

Responsible for the movement of the human body

3 types of muscle tissue

The 3 tissues are the cardiac, smooth, and skeletal.

Cardiac - A type of muscle that works the heart.

Smooth - A type of muscle tissue that is not controllable, which means it cannot be consciously controlled. It is found in walls of hollow organs such as the intestines, blood vessels, bladder, and uterus.

Skeletal - Large body muscles responsible for movement.

How do skeletal muscles contract?

In muscle contration, length of sarcomere is reduced. actin filaments slide over myosin.

Disorders of the muscular function

Muscular dystrophyn - Degeneration of muscle fibers, There is no cure, frequent falls difficulty getting up from a lying or sitting position ,trouble running and jumping.