An Outdoor Life Book

Presentation By: Gabriel A. Dunkel

Eye Of The Tiger by: Survivor

In this book you are informed on how to exercise properly and how to start off working out and getting into shape, and I would bet that this would be a beginning for a lot people on their journey for self-confidence and weight loss. This song is a great choice for this because of the motivation and life changes that would be taking place.

You Can't Stop Me By: Andy Mineo

This song is a great example of a song that motivates you to do what you want to do and you think is necessary for you and beneficial to you. This book is very much about just wanting to get in shape and feel good. So, this song fits perfectly because of these reasons.

These Boots Were Made For Walking By: Nancy Sinatra

The song would be great for many parts of this book considering that book is to prepare you for the outdoors and outdoors activities such as hiking, or running, or mountain climbing. I think it fits perfectly because of these aspects of the book.

Food Pyramid By: Marilyn M. Linford

Many parts of the book are focused on healthy eating and eating right. This song focuses on educating about the food pyramid and good portions. I think it fits great because of the these reasons. Eat right and be informed.