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What's Going On at #FAPBG-Week of August 19, 2019

Office & Carline Reminders

The office is not open before 7am and the doors will be locked at 2pm to safely accommodate the dismissal process.

The main office is only open to assist families with FranklinPass distribution and other questions from 9am to 2pm daily.

Drivers of cars without a FranklinPass will need to show their ID to verify their release to pick up our students. Be sure your FranklinPass is affixed to your car's windshield, slightly to the right of the rearview mirror and slightly below it.

Parents must notify your child's teacher of any changes to their way home, even if it is only a temporary change.

Students need to have their back pack and any other items he or she needs ready to go when they get out of the car.

Please use the time you are waiting to get to the curb to wish your children an amazing day and tell them how much you love them. When you get ALL the way to the furthest available spot on the curb, please encourage your child(ren) to exit the car quickly and safely.

Students must be able to safely enter and exit the passenger side of the car. Students may NOT exit the driver's side as it posses a safety risk to the students.

Parents are not permitted to get out of the car in carline for any reason. If your child needs assistance getting out, please let one of the staff or volunteers know.

Please refer to the arrival and dismissal procedures below for important information regarding drop off and pick up.

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Uniform Reminders

As we do each year, we have given flexibility with student uniforms this first week of school and will do so next week as well. However, please note that beginning the week of August 26th, the uniform and dress code policy will be strictly enforced. Students who come to school out of uniform will first receive a warning home from the teacher via email or phone call. If they have a come to school out of uniform a second time, they will be directed to the front office where they will call home to have his or her parent bring an appropriate uniform to school for them before returning to class. Please see the powerpoint below for a visual representation of our dress code. Please email your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Growth, Gratitude, Goals, & Grit

This year, we are focusing school-wide on celebrating growth, expressing gratitude, achieving goals, and developing grit. This week I would like to recognize:

  • Ms Chaplin, Ms. Bottenfield, Ms. Jabar, and our kindergarten team of teachers for jumping in with extra duties and taking such good care of our littlest Patriots during their first week of school. We are so grateful for you!
  • Ms. Varela for working diligently to ensure our middle school students had accurate schedules and for taking care of necessary schedule changes in an effective and proactive manner. This is a huge area of growth for our campus as scheduling is such a challenging process and we have many new middle school students this year.
  • Our new Franklin Families for doing a great job helping their little ones start the school year strong by following procedures and being patient with new processes. You have shown your grit in pushing through the uncertainty, confusion and frustration that can sometimes come with new experiences.
  • Our returning Franklin Families for being positive and supportive of our new families and answering questions to help them become comfortable at our amazing school. Thank you for partnering with us in our goal of expanding our Franklin Family and welcoming these new families with open arms.

If you would like to recognize a student, teacher, or faculty member, please fill out the form below!

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