RHS Lesson Bundles

Building Lessons that Enrich and Reteach

What are Bundles?

Bundles address one specific standard or concept. They are accessible online for students to revisit throughout the year. A bundle is a video lesson, worksheet/outline, quiz, and two supporting third-party videos.

Where would we place the Bundles?

Bundles can be placed in various locations. My Big Campus is one of the best sites and is being considered.

What is the purpose of a bundle?

Bundles are easy to make and take approximately an hour to create!

Questions for consideration...

Who will make the bundles?

How many bundles should be created?

How are bundles created?

How will students access bundles?

Did you know you can earn extra money for creating bundles?

Yep. It's true! Not only will bundles greatly impact learning and teaching, they will also be evaluated, and teachers will be paid to make them!