FACS Profile of Success

Megan Downing

Barbara Corcoran

  • Born March 10, 1949
  • 67 years old
  • Lives in Manhattan, New York
  • From Edgewater, New jersey
  • Is an American businesswoman
  • Married to Bill Higgins
  • Has 2 children
  • Graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College
  • Jobs: Real estate and Shark tank
  • Net worth: $80 million

Background info.

After making straight D's in high school and college, but also failing 22 jobs. Barbara borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend and started a tiny real estate office in New York city. The unconventional lessons she used from her homemaker mom helped out, soon she would own a $6 billion dollar business.
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Her Success!

  • Worked on Shark Tank for 6 years
  • Invested in over 60 companies

Some Include

  1. Pork Barrel BBQ
  2. Pipcorn
  3. Paintzen
  4. Frill chothing
  5. Cousins Maine Lobster
And a lot more.
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