Help NEEDED (Robotics Engineer)!

by: Tyson Snow

The Reason

Why We Need Help

The Robotics Engineer companies have guessed that from (2012-2022) their total amount of workers will go up from 3% to 6% that is not that many people if you have like 15 different companies that are hiring Robotic Engineers.

Some People (Personality Needed for The Job)

"Paulo Younse" He has an Interest for robots. "Amy Kukulya" Enjoys using robots to study the ocean. Those are some personalitys that you would need or enjoy to have if you have this job.

Help Build and Create to Help or Entertain

In this job we build boxing robots for kids, to building machines that can go places humans cannot go.

The Wage

The minimum wage for this job is $15,080 Average $48,320 per year the Maximum wage for this job is $94,240 (it depends on the position you hold in the job).

Places to Go

Some companies hiring for the job are JPL or" " Jet Propulsion Laboratory", "John Deere", and "General Motors Company" or GMC.

Subjects To Study

Subjects are Physics,Chemistry,Geometry,Algebra ll,Computer Science, and Applied Technology.