Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter 1/11 - 1/15

Team Lead Meeting

Staff, last week administration met with team leads to discuss several topics. I asked team leads to take the information back to the teams, discuss, and get back with me on a few things. If you haven't done so, Team Leads, please reply with your colleagues' feedback on the following by end of day, this Wednesday:

  • Family Reading Night February 25th...additional upcoming events to involve families?
  • School-wide theme for next year
  • Boosterthon
  • Video Taping lessons/YouTube "Instructional Bank"
  • Community Service "Green Thumb Team" this Spring
  • Tutors, How to utilize?
  • Super Saturdays (How many do we want to do? Who would be interested?)

Friendly Reminders:

  • If you are sick or will be absent, text me the night before or morning of, in addition to Mr. Mahler, so we're both aware of who is on/off campus each day.
  • If you are late, text or call Mr. Mahler and I so we can be sure your duty and/or classroom is taken care of.
  • Lesson plans are to be posted online by Monday mornings at 7:00am.
  • If you leave campus during the school day, whether it's to grab food for lunch or make a Sonic run during conference, please text or call both Mr. Mahler and myself to let us know. This is a simply a safety precaution, as we need to know who all is on/off campus each never know when an emergency or evacuation may happen.
  • Leads, post your PLC agendas by Wednesday afternoons.
  • Leads--or whoever is responsible for newsletter--be sure you are cc'ing me or sending me your weekly grade level newsletter emails.
  • Complete your attendance on time, every day.
  • Arrive and pick up your class from specials ON TIME every day. Being off even 4-5 minutes each day is 25 minutes of instructional time lost each week.
  • Staff should stand INSIDE the doors for morning duty if the weather is below 40 degrees.
  • Update your student work boards in the hallways at least once each six weeks, including the TEKS it demonstrates.

Recess Temps

The current district guideline is 50 degrees or above for outside recess. However, I spoke with Mr. Molinar about this last week, and he agreed that 50 degrees was a bit high. Until further notice, let's say 45 degrees as the line for our BHE students. Of course, there's a difference in wet, cloudy, cold wind 45 degrees and a clear, sunny sky 45 degrees...use discretion. Additionally, on cold days, each grade level should assign one teacher to stay in each day with students who do not have jackets and students who are too cold to go outside. We do not want students going outside in the cold with no jackets or shorts/skirts on. If adults are cold, the students are cold. I expect to hear an update soon from admin, but for now let's say our BHE recess guideline is 45 degrees.

Lesson Planning

For the remainder of the year, I plan to only hold staff meetings every other Wednesday. This is for two reasons...first, often there is less to discuss in the Spring since we complete so many BOY trainings in the fall. Second, I'd like to give teams more time for quality lesson planning collaboration. I have had several teachers say in the last few weeks that they really need additional time to collaborate and plan great lessons with their teams. As a district, we are focusing on Rigor and Relevance, and I know it's a constant battle to truly collaborate and plan quality lessons for an entire week during one or two conference periods.

So, on the Wednesdays when we don't have staff meetings, K-4 teams should use this time (3:05-4:00) to come together and continue your lesson planning collaboration. Hopefully this additional time for lesson planning will result in more "Quadrant D" lessons across campus. Remember the saying, "Measure twice, cut once!"

Additionally, each team is receiving a half day during January to collaborate and plan for upcoming weeks. We are also bringing in RTI and Resource for parts of those meetings so they can sit with teams and discuss upcoming goals and curriculum.

TCU's LiiNK Project

Several of you have probably seen recent articles or information on TCU's LiiNK program. If you haven't, please click any of the links below. The idea of this project is to give students multiple opportunities each day for recess, up to three or four per day, to give students more opportunities for brain breaks and physical movement throughout the day, resulting in higher engagement. There is also a character education component to this program. I do not have all of the details yet, but I have communicated with the project leader/researcher, Dr. Rhea of TCU, and we have a meeting set up with her and Mr. Molinar in a couple of weeks to discuss the possibility of BHE becoming a LiiNK school Fall 2016. We must apply and be accepted as a LiiNK Project school by mid-February. I will keep you all updated!

The website for the LiiNK Project is<><>

TCU video that introduces the LiiNK Project and Dr. Debbie Rhea

KERA radio/NPR did an interview with Dr. Rhea and one of the LiiNK schools - Eagle Mountain Elementary. The link to it is:

On Monday,January 11, between 8:00a-9:00a CST, an interview with Dr. Debbie Rhea and project playmates will be aired on NBC's Today Show. The interview will also air on the NBC Nightly News, but no date has been established.

This is the article in the Today Show online segment - parent section.

Cowtown CALF Grant!

On Monday, the Cowtown CALF Program delivered nearly 70 pairs of Sketchers tennis shoes to 3rd and 4th grade Running Club students at Blue Haze Elementary. Blue Haze Running Club applied for a grant through the CALF program that provides free tennis shoes, and a reduced price entry fee to run the Cook Children’s 5k on February 27th.

Thank you to our amazing teachers Ms. Holub, Ms. Lockhart, Ms. Hummel, Ms. Ingram and Ms. Lowry for working so hard on this amazing project!

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Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 1/13: Staff Meeting 3:05, College Blitz & Bling, Warm-up Wednesday, Tailgate Snacks/Desserts in Utopia

Thursday 1/14: Grade Level PLCs

Friday 1/15: Cowboys & Kids Anti-Bullying Rally, 1:00, Gym

Monday 1/18: HOLIDAY

Tuesday 1/19: Team Lead Meeting, 3:05 Conference Room

Wednesday 1/20: K-4 Team Lesson Planning Collaboration Time, Warm-up Wednesday

Thursday 1/21: Life Skills Meeting 3:05, Conference Room, $1 Wear Sweats Day, 3rd Six Weeks Ends, Grade Level PLCs

Friday 1/22: Staff Development Day, BHE

Bucket Filling

Don't forget to fill at least one bucket everyday! Every staff member has a bucket on the wall next to their door...let's spread some cheer and make our colleagues smile! A few words go a long way!


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