RaSia Khepra

By: Benjamin Rendon

The city of Chicago

The city of Chicago, is a very violent place for students. Fifth graders living in south Chicago give a word about their lifestyle. The fifth graders who were interviewed reported that they were sick of seeing their neighborhoods always on the news for their violent crimes. In the city of Chicago there is an annual rate of 121,550 crimes per year.

RaSia Khepra: Background

RaSia Khepra was born in Ghana Africa. His parents are Dr. lance Khepra, and his mother is Mrs. Kandase Khepra a hair stylist. Although RaSia Khepra Is a honor roll students, and principal scholar he still love playing sports, and attending festivals. RaSia Khepra has always been interested as becoming a global leader in his life. He had started as a home-schooled student learning four subjects a day and having recces at Jackson park district.


Project orange tree

RaSia Khepra has started a program called , project orange tree. His goal is to stop the random gunman killing innocent humans. He has already dropped the amount of guns that are being being brought to schools in Chicago. He has not received any award from the government for his activism yet.

A hero is born

A hero to me is someone who is strong mentally, brave , courage's, and noble. RaSia Khepra is a hero to me as he stood up for his best friend Hadiya Penddleton who had died from a random gunmen. He wants to stop killing, he is trying to lead the world into a better direction.


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