Past Forward

Moving with the Now

Another year has past by - faster than the year before it! It is time to remember what has happened; and set a few big goals for 2016!


For Siva: a year of recovery (from loss of his father in July 2014). but also a year of achievement (his first product alphabeta was commercially launched)

For Meera: another year of being the lynchpin at Xerox and at home. And taking care of all the bills! And learning to be a mother again (for pet lab Ludo)

For Gautam: after a rough start, 2015 allowed Gautam to get a grip at his college and also gain confidence to change his major (from Bio to Computer Science).

For Agathya: still hasn't allowed academics to distract him from his joy of NFL and NBA. But has taken on new responsibility as play pal to the late addition to the family- Ludo!


Siva: hopes to make some revenues for his company and himself. and continue to make progress with his asanas

Meera: hopes to finish all the home remodeling projects; and practice yoga more regularly

Gautam:hopes that engineering will be easier than arts. Or hopes he can switch back

Agathya: hopes to play more basketball and less guitar and study even less

Ludo: perhaps hopes to get more food than he is getting now