Anna Pavlova

A Famous Russian Ballerina by Jembro :)

Personal Life...

Anna was born on the 12th of february 1881 in St. Petersburgs Russia. When she was younger she was in a pour family and had hardly any money. Her father died when she was only a toddler. Her mum told her that her dad died when she was very young. Her family were really poor so they could get much food, drinks, furncher,asseseris and things that we all every day. Anna died in January the 23rd in 1931.

The Story Of Anna Pavlova Becoming Famous...

Anna's mum got Anna and her self a tickets for Sleeping Beaty at St. Pertersburgs Theatre When Anna was only 8.Then after the performance Anna has loved Ballet. When she was 10 she joined St. Petersburgs Ballet School and she trained really hard. Anna's teachers in the ballet schooland after that she worked hard and then she was chosen for heaps of things for ballet. And thats when her ballet dream came true! Anna traveled all around the world performing. When she came to Australia, one chef named a food after her Pavlova. The chef named it after her because she was the best dancer in the world back in the day.
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