Gay Rights

Are same-sex couples ok to get married?

Learning About Gay Marriage

Granting gay couples the right to marry and raise children will provide more stable homes. Gays & lesbians getting married have improved dramtically in the past 20 years. Very recently president Barrack Obama has legalized Gay Marrital rights in about 20 states. Many people protested and marched in order to gain rights just to marry. But now, they are able to get married. However, because they marry they face more challenges in every day life and can be discriminated more. They should be able to marry who they would like, instead, of being told you can only marry the "traditional way" as in a man and woman, or, a mother and father.

Images of Gay Voting

Equal Rights For Gays ?

Kenneth Cole created this to incorporate equality and politics in his advertisement in order to show how he opposes gay marriage.  He's also in a way using bandwagoning because once the consumers of his items notice he supports LGB Marriage they might start to support it also.

Our Opinion On Gay Marriage

"I think that gay people should be aloud to get married. To be honest, I don't see anything really wrong with it." - Nicole Wade             "I feel like you should be able to be with whoever you want. I mean, it's your life and nobody should be able to stop you." - Emily Howard