Kate's Bucket List

Sky Diving

#1 Sky Diving

I want to go skydiving in Hawaii because it seems to be fun and then I can say I have done it. I will be landing on the beach in Hawaii and the sand is caused by the water crashing on the rocks. This is a physical change occuring in Hawaii! I want to go skydiving with my friends Karsyn and Emma! This is erosion!
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Skydiving with friends in Hawaii - Sept. 2012 - GoPro2

#2 White Water Rafting

I want to go White Water Rafting in Missouri, because I love being in water and I love getting to ride in boats! Rafting would be erosion going on because of the water moving the minerals. The water crashing on the rocks makes it physical! I plan to do this with a group of people because it will be more fun!
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#3 sky gliding

The third place I want to go to Brazil to be in a sky gliding competition! This seems like a fun adventure to go on and be apart of. The mountains that I will be going by get smaller by the wind which is erosion. This is a physical weathering happening in the mountains! I can't wait to go gliding with my friends!
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#4 Bungee Jumping

The next place I want to go is bungee jumping in Nepal! I want to go with my family because we all want to do it and experience it with each other! The water in the ocean is rubbing up against the rocks to make them get smaller and erode! This is a physical type of weathering!
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#5 Rock Climbing

The final thing on my bucket list is Rock climbing in Thailand with my friends! The rocks over time get crumbled down by the heavy wind! In the wind there are little rocks that can hit the rock and dig into it! This is a physical weathering happening! I can't wait for the day I can do this!
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