Local Committee March Newsletter

AIESEC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Welcome Back - Next 4 Months Journey with AIESEC!

New Semester | New Direction

HEY AIESEC! How are you feeling today?

It was almost one month since we started our new semester.

After having meeting with our departments' leaders, I am sure we are all clear about the next direction of AIESEC in UTM~~

And also the goals that we need to achieve in our AIESEC journey.





As a gently reminder!!

Here is the vision of AIESEC in UTM !!

Our Vision | Our 180

"To be the most recognised youth leadership platform in Southern Region, providing unique and impactful global experiences."

Sound familiar? Yes, in the next four months, we are aiming on
  • Most Recognised | Study Abroad Fair 2015 | Global Youth Festival | NatCon
  • Leadership Platform | EB1516 | MT1516 | APC
  • Unique and Impactful | oGCP | iGTP

And we are committed toward the goal that we want to achieve

  • 180, 180, and 180!



1. Extraordinary General Meeting

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In the 7th March, there was an Extraordinary General Meeting in AIESEC in UTM. There are 9 brave souls who took the golden opportunity to be selected as the next leaders in AIESEC in UTM.

Congratulation and all the best for the candidates who passed the VOC.

Wondering who are they?

~~Drum Roll~~

LCP Candidate : Jing Rong
LCVPs Candidates :
Lee Jia Wei
Foong Chak Long
Lai Zhou Huan
Ching Xin Huey
Chor Choon Seng
Jun Xian
Khairil Ikram


Besides that, Congratulations to our AIESEC UTM current EB Tam Jia Tern , Kenny Sim & LCP 13/14 John Lau CK to elected as MC 15/16!


2. LCP Elect of AIESEC in UTM

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It is time to announce who is the next leader for AIESEC in UTM now. Let's us welcome the next AIESEC leader from Southern Region of Malaysia!

Yes, congratulation to Jing Rong for being selected as LCP for term 15/16 of AIESEC in UTM!

All the best for getting EB1516 formed and wish you a great leadership journey in term 1516!

3. IGTP sales campaign and sales training

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There are some street fighters from AIESEC in UTM who will go out from UTM and meet with Southern Region corporate people for 5 weeks professional sales experiences and it is starting now.

The details are as below:

1. The event is on 10march - 15 April

2. Currently 10 members. (6 members from iGTP and four new members fr0m departments)

3. Objective : -- Sell our program - GTP -- boost the number of raising and break through the reputation

Wish them good luck and all the best!!


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Wonder who's are from AIESEC in UTM representing Malaysia for Asia Pacific Conference in Korea (known as Asia Pacific Exchange & Leadership Development Seminar - APXLDS)?

~~Drum Roll~~

Here comes the result !!

1. Aiden Lee Jia Wei

2. Foong Chak Long

3, Goh Jun Xian

4. Lim Jwee Shiang

5. Wong Jing Rong

All the best and do enjoy this memorable conference!

5. Incoming Preparation Seminar

On the 13th March, an incoming preparation seminar was held in UTM. There are totally 7 EP who attended to the seminar. Along the seminar, there are some game sessions ,self introducing session and tour session which allow the bonding between EP and the AIESECer in UTM becomes closer.

This objectives of this seminar are to welcome the EP and also give them the preparation before they explore more in Malaysia, avoid cultural shock,set expectation, so that they have the correct mindset throughout their exchange journey here.


What we will do NEXT?

1. OGCP Sales Campaign

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Do you wondering how to help GCP to reach out to the whole LC UTM??

We have OGCP sales campaign which encourage every members to join. Do you wondering how can you contribute to make the sales campaign becomes successful??

1. Personal Approach/ Class bashing

2. GCP Flash Mob

3. Present GCP in the UTM BUS !!

4. We do have boothing in Cengal, Meranti, Pak Lah and SUB which start from 16th within 2 weeks.

For further information, you may refer to the OGCP newsletter :


Don't hesitate! Come and join us now!

2. Global Youth Festival

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It is a 3 days festival with different activities for us to engage with youth in Southern Region!

  • 16th April: Global Village + Culture Sharing Night!
  • 17th April: Project Design Competition!
  • 18th April: External Workshop with Corporate Leaders!

If you want to know more?

Like our Facebook Page here and stay tuned!


And now introduce to U ------

The OC team of the Global Youth Festival !!

Here are them!! <3 <3

Do support them and stay tuned !!

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