Mrs. Jackson's

4th Grade Class

NCAA Research

Students had so much fun researching NCAA basketball teams. The acrostic poems turned out beautifully! They were so creative! Evan was victorious and took home a class basketball, signed by his classmates. Congratulations, Evan!

Curriculum Updates


We have really been enjoying our study of nonfiction! Students will spend the next couple of weeks learning to identify each of the five text structures (description, cause/effect, problem/solution, sequence, and compare/contrast), understand key words that help us know which structure is being used in a paragraph, and then using this knowledge to write their own paragraphs for their feature article drafts. Before writing we will continue to research endangered animals, take notes, and cite our sources. This study will culminate when students organize and publish their final feature articles, which will showcase the new knowledge they have gained about nonfiction text features and text structures. Students are doing a really nice job gathering information and thinking critically about how they want that information to be presented to their readers. It is nice to have our science and language arts blocks intertwined for this cross-curricular learning!

Students should be continuing to work on their most recent spelling choice boards, which went home last Monday. Choice boards are due Thursday, April 16th and spelling tests will be on Friday, April 17th! We will move right into new lists next week!


Mathematicians are loving our geometry unit! They have mastered identifying types of lines, triangles, and quadrilaterals. This week we will move into Chapter 11, which has students now not only identifying and naming angles, but also learning how to measure them with a protractor. This requires patience and attention to detail, so any extra practice at home is greatly appreciated! Students will be bringing home protractors most nights to help with homework. Mathematicians will also learn how to find missing angle measurements using their knowledge of right and straight angles. On Thursday we will review all of our geometry concepts from the past few weeks. Students will take a Unit 4 test (covering Chapters 10 and 11), on Friday, April 17th!


Scientists are truly enjoying our study of ecosystems. I'm sure there were great conversations around the dinner table as students dissected owl pellets and discovered the remains of various rodents and birds! Science is so much fun!! We will continue our study this week while evaluating the relationship between populations of living things and their environment, recognizing the adaptations animals have for surviving in their environments, and simulating the changes organisms can cause in the environment where they live.

Revolutionary War Experience

On Thursday, April 23rd, fourth and fifth grade students will participate in "The Revolutionary War Living History Day Program" presented by Archbishop Hoban High School, Akron Ohio. Students will engage in a hangs-on living history experience focusing on Ohio's only Revolutionary war fort- Fort Laurens. It's sure to be a fun day for everyone!

School Supplies

As we move through the fourth quarter, I am noticing that many of the students have lost, misplaced, or run out of many of the necessary supplies needed each and every day in class. The students are then having to ask and borrow from other students in the class and this is beginning to detract from a great deal of valuable learning/instruction time.

I am asking your help in getting your child replenished in the next week or so. Please take a moment to review the list below with your child to find out exactly what supplies they may need. These items can be purchased at the school book store which is open first thing every morning or you can purchase them on your own. Thank you for helping us to make the best use of your child’s instructional time!

Supply List

* Eraser

* Glue stick

* Markers

* Scissors

* Highlighter