January 16, 2015

Cheerleader for a Day Promotion

I usually do not promote events outside of our building. However, the Parkview coaches are trying to renew and invigorate"Parkview Pride" by encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities. Also, they have willingly sent athletes over for the past two years to support our read-a-thon fundraiser so we should support them as well.

The cheerleader coach asked if we would allow some of the cheerleaders to come over and promote their "Cheerleader for a Day" event. With all of today's excitement, I thought it would be OK for them to be here after school today.

During dismissal, they plan on being out in the hallways to hand out information to encourage students to participate. I just wanted you to know they will be here today.

RBES Update and Class Profiles

REMINDER: Please have your RBES mid-year information updated no later than Friday, January 23. Heather will send out info to explain how to update this in the PD&E section of the portal.

Class Profiles should also be completed by January 23. Thanks.

Students Missing The Bus - New Protocol

Students missing the bus has continued this week. During the first semester, it seldom happened. Therefore, I am going to implement a process that I have used in other schools when this became a concern.

Next week, if a student misses the bus, the front office will notify the teacher and send the student back to class. The teacher will be responsible for contacting the parents and make arrangements for pick-up.

Thank you for your help in getting all students on their bus.

Morning Activities and Supervision

Just a reminder if you are hosting any events prior to school, please meet students at the front office then escort them to the location of your event. This will ensure students are supervised at all times. Thanks.


On Monday we will take time away from our work to reflect and remember the impact of one of our nation's great leaders. My family plans to see "Selma" as a way to recall an important historical time in our nation's history.

Below is the trailer should you want to share this with your class:

Below is a song by James Taylor that I always play for my own family every year:

Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King

And recognize that there are ties between us

All men and women living on the earth

Ties of hope and love

Sister and Brotherhood...

Have a great weekend!

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