Wyatt Sorenson, 4th hour science

Career Overview

An astronaut studies outer space and goes on missions to space to find out new things about the universe.


In high school some classes you might want to take are geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, biology physics and chemistry. In college you will need a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical sciences, or mathematics.

Cost of Education

One of the biggest colleges in the world that is known for its astronaut program is MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology). A year of schooling at MIT is $58,240 and for 3 years at MIT which you need to be an astronaut is $174,720.

Cost of College

Of course going to college is not going to be cheap no matter what so here are some prices of going to MIT.

Housing for ammount of time in college: $13,224

Food and groceries: $750

Gas money: $3,000

Clothing cost: $1,350

Total time in college: $174,720

Total cost for everything: $193,044


Many people need to apply for loans from the bank because they are not prepared to pay for the price of college although other people apply for schoolerships that reduce the cost of college. I will need a loan if I want to go to college


During people's time at college or before they apply for a part time job to help them pay for there time at college or the things they will need when they are there. I will need to get a job if I want to go to college in the future.


All people in the world want a job that they can wake up to and be happy about not ones that they don't want to get out of bed about. The job that I am researching is definitely a career that I would like to peruse in the future and I think that it would be a job that I would be happy about.


Here are some assosiations that are linked with astronaut



Pros and cons


  • You can fly in a rocket
  • Get to go to space
  • You get to walk on planets

  • You won't see your family much
  • There would be a lot of stress of going to space

Job Advertisement

The career that I am going to inform you about is an Astronaut. In the USA people men and women are part of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ship crews. These people travel to space and figure things out about the earth and other planets that we cant find out on earth. Some of the many work conditions that you would be in is low gravity, water (for testing), hard rocky surfaces, extreme temperatures and many, many more. Some of the many requirements you will need for this job are a Bachelor's degree in biological science, physical science, mathematics, or aeronautical, astronautical, or mechanical engineering plus three years of related work experience. For this job your salary would be $66,970 to $166,400+ a year. I hope that this has encouraged you to apply for this wonderful job.


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If you would like to see how the astronauts train under water click the link below.