When Is Euthanasia Considered Murder?


Euthanasia started in ancient Greece and Rome, although
many thought that it should be God's responsibility for taking lives.
Many people also felt that euthanasia was suicide and a sin, especially when it was created.
Lots of people in pain, such as cancer patients, get euthanized if legal.
In many countries it is banned so people won't try to kill themselves. Most call euthanasia "mercy killing" because most of the people who get euthanized are in a tremendous amount of pain.
Many terminally ill citizens want relief from abundant amounts of pain,
though there are a portion of people who just want to take their lives.
Those people often feel as if they are a responsibilty or even depressed.
Some think it is not right to let somebody die even if they are in pain.
Another question that people think is, 'when is euthanasia considered murder, or assisted suicide?'
Many countries thought about legalizing euthanasia because they needed/wanted patient movement. Then in the 1980's the United states actually showed interest in euthanasia.

The U.S's reason for considering it was because there was vast changes in technology.


The three pictures above are examples of where euthanasia is legal, where it is common, and a euthansia advocate. People who are not terminally ill are taking their own lives.
Doctors are allowing this even if it is known that there is not wrong physically.
Though others believe that taking your own life is a cowardly way out whether it's resonable or not.
Almost all citizens who get euthanaized are in a adundunt amount of pain.


It was suppose to reduce your physical pain as you are dying.
Though the euthanasia was not to kill but to reduce pain in the first place. Most deaths are found in a home.
Even though the death was painful, it was usually short.
People who are terminally ill can end their suffering.

The treatments are only carried out if there is family consultant
aswell as the family's permisson to carry it out.

Now it is said that teenagers cannot be euthanaized and
this minimizes suicide of mentally ill people.


Since depressed people can make a decision, we are using this medication on people who don't absolutely need it.
Unfortunatly more people who are mentally ill are using euthanasia as a suicide technique rather than terminally ill people who need to end suffering.

Most people are doing this because they're depressed or feel like a burden.

It can be painful even if it doesn't last long, therefore
the patient will be in pain as they're dying.

Many people agree that it is a cowardly way to go out even if you're in pain.
Because of that, most people base their beliefs on religous costums making it more unacceptable in society. With that said, you will most likely be judged if you were to say you were even thinking about it.

Assisted suicide as gained lots of progession and this highens the percentage of people taking their lifes whether they're terminally ill or not.

Possible Answer To 'When Is Eutanasia Considered Murder?'

Euthanasia might be considered murder when another person is doing the treatment, such as doctors. This is called assisted suicide.