Battle of Quebec

By: Anastazja Baltozer


The amazing battle of Quebec was fought because the Americans wanted to take control of Canada. Who the generals served and worked for are very surprising.The attack happend because if America took over Quebec they hoped that Canada would help them in the war. During the battle of Quebec it felt under -31 degrees. Can you believe the battle of Quebec was fought all because America wanted to take over Canada.


Who the generals served or worked for are very suprising. Guy Carleton served for the British and nothing else. A lot of other generals served for both sides. Allan Maclean served for the British again but that's not it. Richard Mongomery, he served for the Britsh and the Americans. Benedict Arnold served for the Britsh and the Americans, most of them didn't served for Canada. Daniel Morgan served for the Americans, only the Americans. James Livingston served for Canada. James Wolfe served for the Britsh. James died after the battle of Quebec because he had deep wounds. Who the generals served or worked for are very important.

How and why they attacked

The attack happend because if America took over Quebec they hoped Canada would help them fight. They attacked because Wolfe's men burned towns and farms beneath Quebec on an effect to force Montcalm to attack. On August to early September the 250 ships carried 8,000 soldiers under the command of General James Wofle. About 2 million British colonists were living along the eastern seaboard of North America when the seven years war began in Europe in 1756. On July 31, Wolfe launched an attack on Beauportion the north shore east of Quebec. In nearly a month, the British regulars had climed the path and they were ranged for battle. The attacked happend because if America took over Quebec they hoped the Canadians would help them fight.

About the battle

During the battle of Quebec it was -31 degrees. On the British side 5 died, and 14 wounded. About 60,000 french lived in America, mostly in what is now known as eastern Canada. In 1758, however, the Britsh seized Louisborg, a fortress on cape Breton Island that was the center of french power in the area. The battle of Quebec, it helps bring an end to the French empire in North America. Paris of 1763 gave almost all French territory. That was a British victory,
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The awesome battle of Quebec is so imortant in fact I think it changed history for both sides. So many generals,so many important facts. They attacked for a reason, and how they attacked. Their is so many interesting facts about the battle of Quebec. So many people fighting for our right.


Fortress - A place that is protected against attack: a fortified place

Seaboard - The part of a country that is along or near the sea

Empire - A very large business or group under control by one person or country

Ranged - The total amount of ability, knowledge, experience, ect...., that a person has

Seized - to attack and take control of a place by force or violence


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