Mustang Minute

Vol III Issue 13, November 25, 2014

BC Charles Elementary

Good afternoon,

Kelly, Karla and myself had the opportunity to visit (almost) every

reading/math classroom this week with lead teachers. Learning Targets are visible and are being referenced by teachers - which is great! Remember, the purpose is to help students make the connections between the work you ask them to do and what they are learning.

A couple of takeaways from observations and data meetings with each grade-level.

High percentages of K-2 students met the PALS benchmark, but still have gaps on individual skills. The focus of small group and independent work must be laser-targeted on these gaps to close them.

Significant gaps K-2 between reading and performance and on math problem-solving assessments. Continue to use math journals to expose students to rigorous problems (however, NOT riddles). This week's math PD was timely. We'll make adjustments to problem solving tasks as grade-level teams, as needed.

Also, there's a disparity between online and paper pencil benchmarks (3-5). This highlights the need for contextual alignment experiences in class. Weekly common formative assessment will give us regular insight into the rigor of the newest SOL standards, and our progress. Online practice will provide even more accurate insight.

Finally, K-5, we must continue unpacking the framework to teach to the level of rigor the standards require. An example from this week - naming and finding non-fiction text features is not the same as "using text features to predict and categorize information." This is but one example, but as long as we stay focused on what the standard is, and how each lesson advances us towards that goal, our students will benefit from our work.

Thank you very much for your hard work this week. Two more days, and a well-deserved break!

Have a great weekend...

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Beverly Shaw - November 22

Jamala Hairston - November 27

Katie Nesselrodt - November 29


Monday 11/24

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